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Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Paperless Meeting System

Wireless meeting system is gradually entering various industries, from large summits to ordinary offices, more and more companies are starting to purchase paperless meeting system. When choosing such a meeting system, there are eight key elements to consider carefully to ensure the system's efficiency and suitability.

Is the System Sound Natural

The sound in the conference room should be clear and natural, avoiding causing hearing fatigue. Before making a purchase, be sure to test the system to ensure that the sound quality is natural and comfortable, in line with the system's original intention.

Paperless Meeting System Battery Life

Considering wireless usage during meetings, the system's battery needs to have long-lasting endurance to ensure continuous power supply for multiple meetings. Choose lithium-ion batteries to avoid issues related to "memory effect" causing battery consumption.

Choose the Appropriate Wireless Technology

There are mainly two wireless technologies, namely RF(Radio Frequency) and Infrared (IR). Choose the most suitable technology based on actual usage, or consider using a combination of both.

Is the Wireless LAN Compatible

Although wireless meeting system provides greater flexibility, in terms of IT management, it is necessary to understand how the new system integrates with the existing wireless infrastructure. Look for systems that provide multiple channels within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for effective channel planning.

Real-Time Monitoring of Device Status

Ensure that the system can monitor device status in real time, including frequency switching and battery status. This helps maintain smooth operations during meetings, avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

Understand the Minimum Accessibility Configuration

Paperless meeting system should include at least access points or base stations and wireless delegate units. Ensure you understand the complete configuration required to avoid unnecessary budget costs.

System Limitations

Thoroughly understand the limitations of the system to ensure it meets the company's requirements. Understanding system limitations helps avoid potential issues when requirements change or certain aspects are overlooked in the initial request.

Service Support

As an electronic product, the system may encounter failures. Before making a purchase, ensure that the supplier provides reliable support services to address problems promptly when needed.

By considering these eight elements, companies will make wiser choices when purchasing paperless meeting system, ensuring that the selected system meets the actual needs of the business, enhancing meeting efficiency and experience.

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