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Noise-Cancelling Microphone Array Technology Makes Conference Audio Immersive

In modern meetings and events, the clarity and quality of sound are crucial for conveying information. To address issues such as noisy environments and long-distance pickup, noise-cancelling microphone array technology has emerged, providing a more immersive and high-quality sound experience for meetings. Let's understand the importance and functions of this technology.


Introduction to Noise-Cancelling Microphone Arrays

A microphone array is a system composed of multiple acoustic sensors (usually microphones) used to sample and process the spatial characteristics of a sound field. By using a microphone array, we can achieve far-field pickup, which allows for speech recognition and communication over a larger distance. Compared to traditional single microphones, microphone arrays have significant advantages in sound clarity and distance recognition.

Functions of Noise-Cancelling Microphone Arrays

In meetings and voice interactions, issues such as limited recognition distance, unintelligent conversations, noisy environments, and slow response times are common. With noise-cancelling microphone array technology, we can effectively address these pain points. This technology improves the accuracy and stability of voice recognition through features such as automatic gain control, echo control, de-reverberation, and sound source localization, making meeting audio clearer and user experience smoother.

Traditional near-field voice recognition works well within a certain distance, but achieving accurate recognition beyond that distance is challenging. Far-field voice recognition technology, through the front-end algorithms of the microphone array, solves the problem of long-distance pickup, allowing for voice interaction within distances of three to five meters. This technology provides greater flexibility and convenience for meetings, allowing participants to communicate more naturally.

Noise-cancelling microphone arrays feature various functions, including automatic gain control, echo cancellation, sound source localization, beamforming, voice enhancement, and de-reverberation. These functions effectively improve the effectiveness of sound recognition and enhance the quality and clarity of meeting audio. Whether in noisy environments or during long-distance communication, microphone arrays can provide high-quality sound experiences for meetings.

Configurations of Noise-Cancelling Microphone Arrays

Depending on the application scenarios, microphone arrays have different configuration designs, including six-mic circular arrays, four-mic linear arrays, and two-mic linear arrays. Each configuration has its specific applicable scenarios and functional characteristics and can be chosen based on the requirements.

Six-mic circular array: The six-mic circular array is suitable for complex application scenarios (such as shopping malls and offices), with high requirements for angular positioning, echo cancellation, and recognition rate for solutions such as robots and home products.

Four-mic linear array: The four-mic linear array is suitable for smart equipment such as in-vehicle systems, air conditioners, televisions, and application-based robots, supporting 0~180° angular positioning, echo cancellation, and continuous wake-up functions.

Two-mic linear array: The two-mic linear array has lower chip performance requirements and is suitable for low-cost smart equipment solutions, supporting echo cancellation and noise suppression functions.

With noise-cancelling microphone array technology, meeting audio can be transmitted more clearly and realistically, making participants feel as if they are in the same room. The development and application of this technology bring a new experience to modern meetings and voice interactions, driving the further advancement of meetings and events.

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