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Paperless Conference System Boosts Efficiency of Enterprises and Institutions

Paperless Conference System helps enterprises and institutions improve work efficiency. Every meeting organization involves tedious tasks such as preparation before the meeting, discussion during the meeting, and summary after the meeting. The paperless conference system can just solve these problems.

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What problems can be solved by the paperless conference system?

  • Poor mobility and low efficiency in preparing and managing name cards in the conference room;

  • Tedious process and workload of paper materials before the meeting, and lack of flexibility;

  • Speech information is concentrated on traditional big screens, making it difficult for distant viewers to watch and inconvenient for real-time interaction;

  • Difficulty recording document modification and discussion process during the meeting;

  • Poor communication between attendees and service personnel;

  • Inability to real-time count votes in meetings;

  • Many meetings involve different levels of confidential information, and paper materials may cause leaks, compromising security and posing a serious threat to high-end confidential meetings, which may result in major losses.

Advantages of the paperless conference system

Electronic name cards and sign-ins

The paperless conference system is equipped with electronic name cards. The conference personnel can arrange and adjust the seating of the attendees in the background. After the attendees sit down, they can sign in by handwriting on the touch screen terminal. The information such as the name, position, and photo of the attendees can be imported in advance and displayed on both sides of the electronic name card. The name cards and seating arrangement can be added, deleted or changed at any time, with high mobility.

Meeting materials

Meeting materials can be uploaded to the server in advance. When attendees need to view relevant materials, they just need to enter the paperless conference system and click on the relevant icons on the terminal to view and annotate them. During the meeting, they can also display them on the screen at the same time. The whole meeting is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. The past paper materials are nowhere to be found.

Synchronous display

Combined with the visual tracking system, it can realize the position and tracking of the speaker's image, and can seamlessly switch the electronic files used in the meeting to the big screen for synchronous display, completing intelligent operation and interconnection of the conference system.

Electronic whiteboard

During the meeting, the attendees can circle, write, and annotate on the electronic whiteboard at the same time. The attendees can share the content written on the whiteboard in real-time, and save it on the service.

SMS communication

SMS communication can be conducted in one-to-one or one-to-many mode. It is convenient for attendees to make temporary notifications, reminders, and small-scale communication during the meeting, and to call for services from the service personnel, including pens, paper, tea, and others.

Meeting voting

Voting can be initiated in the meeting agenda.

Confidentiality of materials

The nature of the meeting can be set as confidential level, and only the designated attendees can view and participate in the meeting. All meeting materials are not allowed to be saved or downloaded, and all materials will be automatically deleted after the meeting.

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