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Paperless Conference System Helps Efficient Meetings

In today's society, from school activities to corporate enterprises, and even cooperation between nations, meetings are an essential way of communication and coordination. However, in this fast-paced era, the communication efficiency of traditional meetings can no longer meet the public's needs. To address this challenge, GONSIN, as a global provider of comprehensive conference system solutions, has launched a powerful and complete paperless conference system, bringing exceptional convenience and efficiency to every stage of a meeting.


Paperless Conference System - Easy Preparation Before Meetings

GONSIN Paperless Conference System first significantly simplifies the preparation work before meetings. Conference personnel can easily set and manage meeting information uniformly, including meeting names, schedules, etc. Supported by file servers, batch or individual uploading, downloading, deleting files, and managing file permissions becomes simple and efficient. Additionally, attendees can check in using buttons, IC  cards, or fingerprints, eliminating cumbersome on-site paper check-in processes and avoiding issues like crowded venues and attendee list leaks.

Paperless Conference System - Excellent Interaction Experience During Meetings

Secondly, during the meeting, GONSIN's Paperless Conference System offers an extraordinary interactive experience and excellent conference management through its rich features. The interactive meeting control management function allows conference personnel to better manage the meeting process and provide venue services. From viewing microphone distribution and speech lists to managing speech requests and voting, the system offers comprehensive support.

Using multimedia terminals, attendees can participate in meetings, speak, vote, switch listening modes, and select simultaneous interpretation audio (64 channels), accomplishing functions like speech guidance, desktop sharing, video dialogue, etc. The system also supports features for attendees to speak simultaneously, view delegate information and meeting schedules, use memos, internal calls, web browsing, service calls, video on demand, multi-channel video broadcasting, and taking photos, providing a comprehensive interactive experience during the meeting.

Paperless Conference System - Automatic Archiving After Meetings

Finally, after the meeting, GONSIN's Paperless Conference System automatically archives and stores files with collaborative annotations, meeting recordings, and videos. The intelligent meeting summary system can automatically transcribe and generate conference text records, core words, key phrases, and voting results, allowing attendees and conference personnel to conveniently access and review content anytime. Additionally, materials can be deleted with one click, ensuring information security and confidentiality.

In summary,  GONSIN's Paperless Conference System not only simplifies the preparation before meetings, enhances the interactive experience during meetings, but also efficiently manages post-meeting information through automated archiving. With its excellent features, this system comprehensively supports efficient meetings, bringing more convenient and advanced solutions to various types of conferences.

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