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Remote Control GX-PB8104R-K

Public Announcement System
Public Announcement System

Features of Remote Control GX-PB8104R-K

  • Use with the network broadcast audio collector GX-PB8104A-K to realize remote control

  • Simple and generous appearance, user-friendly operation mode

  • Super strong remote control distance—more than 500 meters (barrier-free)

  • With 12 shortcut keys, the key function can be customized through software

  • The task key can realize any music playback or real-time call at any time, any number of terminals, and any volume

  • The function keys can realize pause/resume, stop, previous song, next song, volume up, and volume down operations for the current task

  • 10 levels of user priority can be preset

  • 1000 levels of operational task priority can be preset

Technical Parameters of Remote Control GX-PB8104R-K

Buttons12, the button function can be customized
Carrier frequency315Mhz
Input power9V alkaline battery
Power consumption≤5W
Product weight0.18Kg
Working temperature-20℃~+60℃
Working humidity10%~9%

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