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Interpreter Console IC-2032N

Interpreter Console
Interpreter Console

Functions of Interpreter Console IC-2032N

  • In compliance with IEC60914 international standard

  • The design of physical buttons/knobs is reasonable, which is easy to operate; The buttons/knobs are sensitive with good touch, accurate operation response, long service life and without mechanical button sound

  • With fully digital audio technology, built-in high-speed CPU

  • Interpreter console, conference terminal, power HUB and conference server are all connected by network cables.

  • Flexible cabling reduces project workload and makes large-scale construction projects easier

  • It supports hand-in-hand connection, star connection and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable.

  • The breakdown of one terminal won’t influence the other terminals, and the malfunction of one terminal cabling will not affect the whole system, ensuring the system stability

  • Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug

  • Supports 48KHz audio sampling freq, acoustic frequency response can be up to 20Hz to 20KHz

  • Built-in high-performance digital audio processor( DSP), helpful to remove the useless low frequency and avoid low-frequency acoustical shock, which is better to improve the clarity of sound

  • Support 32 channels simultaneous interpretation(including the floor channel)

  • Support direct interpretation and relay interpretation

  • 7-inch TFT LCD screen to display setting information, input and output channel information

  • With channel selection button, long press to quickly increase / decrease the channel, short press to increase / decrease the channel, convenient to select channels

  • 7 input channels can be preset, with corresponding shortcut keys and input channel occupation indicator

  • 3 output channels can be preset, with corresponding shortcut keys. When all interpreter consoles are closed, the output channel can be automatically switched to the floor channel

  • Standard cardioid directional electret microphone with indicator ring (On or Off). Multiple soft gooseneck microphone stems can be selected (standard: 410mm, optional:310mm/510mm)

  • Pluggable microphone stem; During the meeting recess, it can be disassembled for equipment maintenance.

  • Built-in 2W loudspeaker with volume switch; Can play the floor channel or interpreted channel language

  • With the same channel interlock function, when the output channel is preset, the occupied channel will skip automatically. Channel output can be set to interlock mode and free mode

  • The number of interpreter console in the same room is not limited

  • Through software setting, multiple interpreter consoles can be set up in a single language channel. When the interpreter console in the same language channel turns on the microphone, the microphone of the previous interpreter terminal will be automatically turned off

  • MUTE key to enable a brief muting of the microphone for cough cut

  • Speaking Speed remind function, the interpreter can press the "slow" key to remind the speaker to slow down the speaking speed (The microphone's indicator ring or screen will flash)

  • Left and right headphone output jack (3.5 mm×2), connect the headset to listen to the floor or interpreted channel language, with left and right selection buttons; headphone volume is adjustable

  • Left and right microphone input jack (3.5 mm×2), can be connected to external microphone, with left and right selection buttons, to meet different usage scenarios

  • Left and right recording output jack (3.5 mm×2), can be connected to recording device, with left and right selection buttons, the output audio depends on the channel listened by the interpreter console

  • With message function, text message can be sent to interpreter terminal through management software

  • With call service function, interpreters can call the administrator to provide help through the interpreter console

  • Setting the interpreter console information can be locked by password, and the interpreter can use the setting function through password and IC card

  • No need independent system connection, it can be mixed connected with all conference terminals

  • Highly resistant to mobile phone interference

  • Every interpreter comes with an unique serial number and the conference system supports automatically or manually assigning ID to the corresponding equipment

  • Interpretation timing function (timing unit: hour/minute)

Technical Specifications of Interpreter Console IC-2032N

Installation WayDesktop
Connection WayNetwork Cable
Display Specifications7-inch TFT color display
Frequency Range20Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity-46 dBV/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level20dBA(SPL)
Max. SPL125dB(THD<3%)
Microphone TypeCardioid directional electret
Directivity0°/180°: >20 dB (1 kHz)
MIC Stem Length410mm (standard); 310mm/510mm (optional)
Input Impedance2KΩ
Headphone Output Jack3.5 mm jack×2
Microphone Input Jack3.5 mm jack×2
Headphone Load>16Ω
Headphone Volume10mW
Built-in Loudspeaker2W/8Ω
Channel Number32 channel (including the floor channel)
Power supply24V
Max. Power Consumption7W
Working Temperature0~45°C
Storage Temperature-20~50°C

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