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Connector CON-X5600-W/CON-D5600-W


Functions of Paperless Conference System Configuration Connector CON-X5600-W/CON-D5600-W

  • Work with connectors of chairman unit DCS-CON2057X and delegate unit DCS-CON2057D (GX-LFM2057X-X/GX-LFM2057D-X) 

  • Work with connectors of chairman unit CON-X5600-W and delegate unit CON-D5600-W (GX-LFM5600X-X/GX-LFM5600D-X) 

  • Auto straightening for MIC when lifting down 

  • 5 modes of microphone discussion: Apply for waiting /Restrict to speak/ FIFO/ VOX/ Request to speak( with software) 

  • In VOX mode, microphones will be activated as users speak. VOX sensitivity (high/middle/low) and MIC time-out can be adjusted by the server. It can be automatically turned off by setting it in advance. Besides the chairman unit, 4 delegate units can be activated at the same time

  • Electret cardioid directional microphone brings better sound quality

  • Highly resistant to mobile phone interference

  • Auto camera tracking with preset panoramic position; SD/HD camera tracking is supported

  • The system supports auto repairing and hot sweeping

Based on the functions of the delegate unit, the chairman unit has the functions below:

  • The Chairman unit can be turned on freely without restriction on the number of microphones when turning on.

  • The Chairman unit has the priority function that can interrupt or turn off the delegate unit when speaking.

Technical Parameters of Paperless Conference System Configuration Connector CON-X5600-W/CON-D5600-W

TypeCardioid directional electret
Frequency response20Hz~20KHz
Max SPL125dB(THD<3%)
Dynamic range>85dB
VOX sensitivityH/M/L(76dB/80dB/82dB)
MIC length450mm

Lifting up/down time54s
Control modeManual control, wireless remote
control, RS-232 control,
RS-485 control
Communication distanceWireless remote control:30m;
RS-232: 15m; RS-458: 1200m

General parameters
ColorSandblasting silver (other
colors can be customized)
MaterialAluminum alloy
PowerVoltage AC220V±10%50Hz
(AC110V customizable)
Max Power25W
Working temperature0~45°C
Storage temperature-20~50°C
Relative humidityNot more than 80%
(20°C environment)
Product size160×70×720mm
Panel size160×70×3mm
Case size143×60×717mm
Package size835×250×145mm(carton)
Net weight3Kg
Gross weight4Kg

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