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Simultaneous Translation Equipment Helps Schools, Parents, And Students

In a multicultural school environment, parents and students come from different language backgrounds, and communication is often limited due to language barriers. The simultaneous translation equipment provided by Public Trust Conference Equipment Co., Ltd. have become a powerful tool in improving this problem. This technology not only provides parents with better opportunities to participate in school affairs but also plays a positive role in the education of international students.


Simultaneous Translation System: An Innovative Measure to Enhance Parental Involvement in School Affairs

In this globalized era, schools have families with various languages and cultures. Among them, non-English-speaking parents may feel constrained and helpless in school activities and programs due to language barriers. To address this issue, schools have adopted simultaneous translation services provided by Public Trust Conference Equipment Co., Ltd. This service provides parents with an opportunity to participate in various school activities more confidently and effortlessly.

Its flexibility allows for expansion as needed to meet more language requirements. This makes school activities more inclusive, allowing all parents to fully participate without feeling marginalized due to language barriers.

Operation Principle of the Simultaneous Translation System

The simultaneous translation system provides each participant with a wireless receiver and a pair of headphones. During a meeting or event, interpreters translate the speaker's speech into other languages through a transmitter connected to a microphone. Only participants using the receivers can hear the interpreter's translation. This process happens in real-time with minimal delay, ensuring effective communication. Additionally, interpreters typically sit at the back of the room, placed in a dedicated translation booth, to ensure they do not interfere with the speaker's expression or disturb other listeners.

Benefits of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment for International Students

In addition to helping parents integrate into school life, simultaneous translation equipment also provides a more friendly learning environment for international students. In the classroom, this technology ensures that international students can understand the teaching content and better integrate into the class. This not only promotes cultural exchange but also provides a better learning experience for international students.

Overall, simultaneous translation equipment not only provides schools with a new language solution but also plays a positive role in promoting cross-cultural understanding and communication. This is an important advancement in the field of education driven by the power of technology, making schools more inclusive and international.

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