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Solution for the PA System for Large Meeting Rooms

The transmission of sound in a large conference room is a key element in ensuring effective communication. In order to meet this requirement, GONSIN, as a global provider of conference system solutions, has carefully designed and tested a range of pa system for meeting rooms, aiming to provide users with stable power output, clear sound, strong penetration, and high sound pressure level. The following are the core components of our pa system for meeting rooms solution:


Full-range speaker

A dual-directional small full range speaker box specially designed for multifunctional halls and conference rooms, meeting the requirements for voice and music sound enhancement. Adopting professional unit configuration, optimized built-in frequency divider, front port design, it features high power and high efficiency. It has abundant sound pressure, clear and transparent sound quality, excellent texture, and better vocal and music effects. The casing is made of high-quality CNC-processed MDF with reinforced internal structure, making it more durable. The front grille design adopts high-strength steel mesh, and the interior is equipped with waterproof, dustproof, and soundproof sponge.

Ceiling speaker

The high-performance ceiling speakers adopt  6.5-inch coaxial units with wider frequency responses. They use a higher hardness metal horn to better protect the internal unit. At the same time, the speaker structure conforms to acoustic design, minimizing the formation of standing waves, making the sound reproduction more clear and pure. It comes with an installation bracket and is connected using a phoenix interface, making project installation very simple. Its minimalist design allows it to better blend into the venue. In general, using multiple ceiling speakers with a multi-point dispersed sound enhancement method in a venue can ensure a uniform sound field and improve the proportion of direct sound.

Power amplifier

The brand-new compact design is small and lightweight, with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The front panel has a power switch, independent channel gain control knob, and stereo and parallel selection functions. It has short circuit, overheat, overload, overcurrent, output DC, soft start protection, as well as transformer overheat protection. High-quality components are used to achieve high-fidelity restoration of the circuit. At the same time, temperature automatic compensation constant temperature technology is used in the chassis, and the circuit intelligently detects and adjusts, with internal fan forced heat dissipation, allowing the equipment to maintain a stable working state for a long time.

Dual 12 inch line array speakers

The GX-SP2012DL-Z boxed line array 12-inch speaker is a large two-way crossover system that provides a bandwidth of 55Hz-20KHz. Our 12-inch line array speaker is equipped with two top-level British 44mm voice coil HF drivers, with special equal length path aluminum horns and two 12-inch LF drivers, with excellent dynamic margin. The entire 12-inch line array speaker has a simple and beautiful shape, exquisite appearance, and is a highly competitive large line array system.

PAired with the GX-SP2012DL-Z, the boxed line array 12-inch speaker produces powerful penetration, clear and rich vocals, and extremely high sound pressure level. It is a highly competitive large line array system.

Digital audio processor

The GONSIN digital audio processor uses a fourth-generation audio DSP chip with powerful DSP processing capabilities. Its unique core DSP method, noise reduction, and distortion reduction design provide high-quality sound on-site. The updated digital audio processor not only meets the operational requirements of various scale professional audio projects, but also meets the application requirements of various social occasions (theaters, concert halls, remote video conferences, sports venues, churches, convention centers, theme parks, etc.).

All these components together constitute GONSIN's comprehensive and advanced sound amplification system solution for large conference rooms. We are committed to ensuring the best sound transmission effects in your conference room through high quality, innovation, and reliability.

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