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The 15th Anniversary Of Gonsin Conference


Nationwide dealers got together to witness the 15-year the glorious course of GONSIN.

In melodious music, we talked to each other delightedly; such treasure occasion of being together with friends from all walks of life has also become our common unforgettable memory. 


Two-day Visit in Shunde

As the gift for the 15th anniversary,

GONSIN has published a series of new products


All-in-one Desktop Paperless Conference System, Gun-shape Conference Microphone, Educational Public Address System and All-in-one Voting System

CEO of GONSIN Conference

Mr. Huang Huabao


And shared the development strategy with all

The two-day visit in Shunde closed with a success

We have a good time with friends

And we are willing to walk hand in hand to achieve a brighter future

With all old and new clients 

DCS-2062 All-in-one Paperless Desktop Conference System

With GONSIN V2.0 Paperless Terminal Software

Providing integrated solutions

Facilitating your conference


DCS-2043 Digital Conference Discussion System

Conference style plus geometric element

System integrated; data interlinked

Easy to unlock paperless function; multiple systems interconnected

Conference terminals are connected by cable; easy to build big system

Gun-shape mic collects sounds in far distance

Clear sound with high fidelity

Multi-function application; multi-form products mixed

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