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The Development Advantages of Multi-function Hall Conference System

With the development of modern technology and the wide application of digital technology, the traditional conference mode can no longer meet the needs of modern conference systems. The advanced digital and modular audio and video conference system conforms to the development trend of conferences. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional conference systems and has been widely used in many international conferences and high-level talks with its excellent performance.

1. Development of conference system

Especially in recent years, visual information technology has been widely used in multimedia conference rooms, the main exchange place for information resources. In the whole design of this audio conference equipment, we focus on the scientific nature of the system, the advanced nature of the equipment, the practicability of the function, and the reliability of the use, so that the sound reinforcement system can reach the national first-class standard. The selection of equipment and the design of the system are advanced, and the design indicators of each sound reinforcement system meet and exceed the existing national standards.

At the same time, as an important activity place, the safety and reliability of each system are undoubtedly the most important. If you abandon reliability and blindly pursue high-end equipment, you may lose more than you gain. Therefore, when considering the design of the whole system, we refer to the design of many conference rooms as the cornerstone of the design of this conference room system.

2. Advantages of the multi-function conference system

The multi-function conference system provides a high-level conference center for important conferences. The system closely combines high-quality audio, video, and many intelligent features. Through the integration of new technologies such as digital signal processing, compression coding technology, and data transmission, it can achieve more functions. More and more complete video transmission, information transmission, and other functions.

The multi-function conference system is a combination of various conference systems and related equipment under the support of computer software and hardware, such as a digital conference system, government audio video systems, high-lumen projection, and multimedia display system, conference real-time recording and video recording system, and sound reinforcement system. The physical projection system, centralized control system, etc. are organically integrated to form a complete multi-functional conference system.

The intelligent system design of the conference room includes a display projection system, conference discussion system and speech system, centralized control, sound reinforcement, wireless simultaneous interpretation system, and other subsystems; in the integrated system design of the entire conference room, in addition to meeting the normal language sound reinforcement and video presentation standards, lighting In addition to the illumination effect and the overall effect, issues such as system compatibility, integrity, scalability, maneuverability, and resource sharing between systems should also be fully considered.

At the same time, to ensure the overall advanced nature of the building hall, the design ideas, means, and methods of the integrated system should also be quite advanced, open, standard, and practical, and the equipment should be of high technical content and be able to reflect the current latest technology-level products.

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