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【EN】GONSIN Paperless Conference System Introduction

GONSIN paperless all-in-one terminal is designed to be thinner and lighter. It also designs with adjustable stand, so we can adjust the Angle of the screen flexibly. The terminal is an all metal shell ,equipped with a 15.6-inch touch screen, three narrow edges for an immersive viewing experience. When the equipment is placed on the conference table, it appears both simple and high-end, with a strong sense of technology.  The terminal is equipped with a gooseneck microphone and hi-fi speaker as standard, and can be equipped with rich functions, such as wireless electronic table card, HD camera, NFC module, fingerprint module and simultaneous interpretation function module.The system can realize the conference sign-in, speech, voting, simultaneous interpretation, paperless screen sharing, document browsing annotation, streaming media viewing, electronic whiteboard, message communication, call service and other functions, and also can expand the functions like speech recognition, remote video conference.The system only needs network cables to connect power supply  in daisy-chain connection manner.The back wiring adopts the anti- detachment hiding design to avoid the wiring falling off and easily hide the cable.

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