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New Arrival of GONSIN 10000N Series

10000N Series Seamless Compatible Wired and Wireless Conference System

♦ With wired and wireless seamless compatible technology, wired conference terminals and wireless conference terminals can be mixed into the same conference server for unified management, data intercommunication, and meet the needs of different users

♦ Multiple backup mechanisms ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the system, and ensure that the meeting goes on smoothly without being interrupted, satisfying the stringent requirements of high-end meetings for equipment

● Support dual-server hot stand-by function. When the current server doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by server

● Support dual-server hot stand-by function of the management software. When the current computer doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by computer

● With a dual-chain backup function of the conference terminal. When the main chain fails, it can be switched to the backup chain for continued use (configured with Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone)

♦ Support the application of splitting and merging of the conference room, with 4 channels of audio grouping output, can be split into an independent system using in multiple meeting rooms, or can be used at the same time as the whole system, which is convenient and flexible

♦ The wired conference terminal supports star connection, hand-in-hand connection and mixed connection, and all devices are connected by network cables, which is convenient for construction and management

♦ The wireless conference terminal supports 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band communication to ensure system stability

♦ With Automatic Speech Recognition System, it can realize the transcription of speech into text by role, and generate meeting minutes, effectively reducing the workload of meeting affairs and improving efficiency

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