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What Device Is Needed for Video Conferencing Room

In modern enterprises, video conferencing has become an important way to promote communication and improve work efficiency. To set up a professional video conferencing room, suitable video conferencing device is essential. Below is an introduction to the equipment needed when setting up a video conferencing room.


Video Conferencing Device: Display

Whether choosing a projector, a large display, or an LCD TV, the video conferencing device display is the core of video conferencing. Depending on the size of the conference room, different sizes of displays can be chosen. It is recommended that conference rooms of 20-30 square meters choose a display size of 65 inches or larger. Brand and price are also factors that need to be carefully considered.

Video Conferencing Device: Camera

Professional video conferencing rooms require high-quality cameras to ensure clear images and a good visual experience. Small to medium-sized conference rooms can choose a 10x digital zoom camera, while large conference rooms may require a 12x or 20x digital zoom camera. When choosing, a comprehensive evaluation can be made based on overall craftsmanship, price, and parameters.

Video Conferencing Device: Omni-directional Microphone

Good audio equipment is crucial for video conferencing. The omni-directional microphone is a key component of audio equipment, providing clear sound and featuring functions like echo cancellation. In special environments, such as smooth walls, glass, and tile floors, special attention should be paid to choosing a suitable microphone to avoid sound reflections.

Video Conferencing Device: Audio Processor

The audio processor, also known as a digital processor, is used to process digital signals, especially for wireless microphones and video conferencing audio. It provides clear audio quality while optimizing signal processing to enhance the overall audio experience.

As the "brain" of the video conferencing system, a processor typically chooses a laptop or Mini host. The advantage of a Mini host is that it can be fixed in the conference room with easy connection. However, using a laptop would require bringing the laptop for connection each time. The specific choice depends on actual needs and budget.

Video Conferencing Device: Power Sequencer

The power sequencer is crucial for ensuring the stable operation of equipment. It can start and shut down power in the sequence of front and rear-stage devices, effectively avoiding problems caused by human error or equipment impact. It helps to manage and control various electrical devices, ensuring the stability of the entire power system.

When setting up a video conferencing room, the selection and matching of the above equipment need to be comprehensively considered based on factors such as actual needs, conference room size, and budget to ensure the smooth operation and efficient operation of video conferencing.

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