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What Does a Complete Video Conference System Include?

With the popularity of the Internet and rapid development of communication technology, video conference system has become the preferred method for remote communication in enterprises. In this broad scope covering various scenarios such as enterprise meetings, telemedicine, and distance education, a complete video conference system consists of terminal devices, communication networks, and MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), each playing its role to collectively build an efficient and stable video communication system.


Video Conference System Terminal Devices: Digital Information Collectors

Video conferencing terminals are the key hardware for user-system interaction, comprising many important devices. The camera captures the scene, while the video display shows the images. These devices digitize audio-visual information and convert it into data formats that comply with transmission network standards. Despite being produced by different manufacturers, video terminals play a similar crucial role in video conference systems.

Communication Networks of Video Conference System: The Core of Information Flow

Data collected by video conferencing terminals need to be transmitted over the network to remote locations, requiring the support of communication networks. Communication networks are essential for audio-visual and data transmission, with various transmission media such as optical fiber, electric cable, microwave, and satellite. Different providers such as China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile offer diverse transmission channels to meet enterprises' needs for selecting suitable communication channels.

MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) of Video Conference System: The Intelligent Switch for Information Exchange

The MCU, known as the Multipoint Control Unit, is an indispensable part of avideo conference system. The function of the MCU is to cascade, allocate, and switch signals from multiple venues, intelligently controlling the entire conference. As the core of multimedia information exchange, MCU is responsible for connecting and exchanging audio, video, data, and signaling signals of various video conferencing terminal devices.

In hardware-based video conference system, the MCU is a dedicated hardware unit, while in software-based video conference system, MCU is realized through cloud computing technology. This allows enterprises to save hardware costs in pure cloud-based video conference system, with related expenses charged based on service content, further enhancing the system's flexibility and scalability.

Through the collaborative efforts of terminal devices, communication networks, and MCU, a complete video conference system can provide efficient, convenient, and stable audio-visual interactive experiences for internal and cross-regional communication within enterprises, offering strong support for professional communication and collaboration across industries.

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