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What Equipment Is Required for Simultaneous Interpretation in Meetings?

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of simultaneous interpretation in conferences, business negotiations, and lectures. However, what equipment do we need to assist in ensuring that speakers and interpreters can complete their tasks smoothly? Nowadays, we have specialized equipment for this task, and this article will detail the basic equipment and gear for simultaneous interpretation.

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Simultaneous Translation Device: Interpreter Booth

The interpreter booth is divided into two types: full-size and tabletop, but they both have soundproofing effects. This is an essential element because it can prevent interpreters from hearing the voices of participants, which may interfere with their work. The interpreter booth can also be used to make the interpreter's voice clear and loud in the receivers of the audience.

Simultaneous Translation Device: Interpreter Console

The interpreter console delivers the speaker's speech to the interpreter and then delivers the interpreted speech to the audience wearing receivers. The simultaneous translation device must be placed inside the interpreter booth so that interpreters can control the volume of their headphones. This is a basic device, especially in situations where there are multiple service providers, as one person can turn off their microphone while another continues to work.

Simultaneous Translation Device: Receiver

The receiver is a portable device that allows the audience to listen to the interpretation through headphones. When requesting a quote, do not forget to confirm the number of receivers required to ensure that everyone who needs them can receive one.

Simultaneous Translation Device: Transmitter

The transmitter device includes all the equipment that transmits radio waves from the microphone to the speakers and interpreter consoles, and then delivers the interpreter's voice to the receivers.

These are the most important equipment for simultaneous interpretation. However, do not forget to consult the service provider for any questions to ensure the smooth running of your event. With these devices, we can achieve high flexibility in multilingual applications, such as in business and government meetings, international conferences, etc., adapting to various indoor, outdoor, temporary, and fixed meeting venues. When choosing simultaneous translation device, consider the FS-FHSS technology developed by Gonsin, which provides a stable and efficient working environment for interpretation through frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. Therefore, make sure to use advanced simultaneous translation device in your next multilingual event to ensure smooth and accurate communication.

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