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Congress Server GONSIN10000N

Congress Server GONSIN10000N
Congress Server GONSIN10000N

Functions of System Configuration Congress Server GONSIN10000N

  • Black tempered glass panel design, with navigation knob, OLED screen to display system status information, and provide Chinese/English and other language menus

  • With wired and wireless seamless compatible technology, wired conference terminals and wirelessconference terminals can be mixed into the same conference server for unified management, data intercommunication, and realizing large system platform for sharing multi-mode conferenceterminals

  • Maximally support 128 wireless APs to achieve greater wireless coverage area and terminalseamless roaming

  • Developed based on LINUX operating system platform, adopt full digital audio technology, support 48kHz audio sampling frequency, built-in DSP digital audio processor, support treble and bass adjustment

  • Adopt WiFi wireless communication technology, in compliance with IEEE 802.11n network standard, adopt 128-bit AES encryption technology, support WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference

  • Support SSID wireless network settings, which ensures multiple systems can be used in the same environment at the same time, and do not interfere with each other

  • Each terminal has unique unit ID; the congress system can assign unit ID to congress terminal automatically or manually

  • It provides 4-channel wired conference terminal interface and supports hand-in-hand connection, star connection and mixed connection. The breakdown of one terminal won’t influence the other terminals , and the malfunction of one terminal cabling will not affect the whole system, ensuring the system stability

  • Support dual-server hot stand-by function. When the current server doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by server

  • Support the application of splitting and merging of the conference room, with 4 channels of audio grouping output, can be split into an independent system using in multiple meeting rooms, or can be used at the same time as the whole system, which is convenient and flexible

  • Support separated adjustment of audio and sensitivity of the terminal; adjust the sound effect based on the on-site speaking situation

  • A single server supports the maximum number of active terminals: 4 terminals for a single wireless system, 5 terminals for a single wired system, and 5 terminals for mixed use of wireless and wired systems

  • Discussion function: support VOX, Auto, FIFO, Operator, Request and PTT

  • VOX function: in VOX mode, the unit will be activated for user speaks; VOX sensitivity can be adjust by the server; microphone time-out is adjustable

  • Auto function: Only the number of microphones limited by the system can be activated. When the number of open microphones is greater than the system limit, press the speaking button, the microphone cannot be turned on, you need to turn off the microphones that have been turned on, and then the microphone can be turned on by pressing the button.

  • FIFO function: When the number of open microphones is greater than the system limit, press the speak button to turn on and automatically turn off the earliest open microphone

  • Operator function: When the number of open microphones is greater than the limit, press the speak button to enter the application waiting state. After the opened microphones are closed, the applied microphones will be opened automatically

  • Request function: In Request, press the speak button and the microphone turns on and release the speech button and the microphone will be turned off

  • PTT function: the delegate send request-to-speak by terminal, and can speak upon chairman approval. The chairman terminal can be activated anytime without approval

  • With Automatic Speech Recognition System, it can realize the transcription of speech into text

  • Support USB automatic recording function, after inserting the U disk in the front panel, the system audio can be recorded automatically/manually, and the current recording status can be displayed in real time

  • Built-in real-time clock and perpetual calendar, which can display the current time on the congressserver and congress terminal

  • Support one-key shutdown by server, and all wireless congress terminals are off, which reduces workload greatly

  • With full digital interpreter console, it can achieve 6-channel (wireless terminal) or 32-channel (wired terminal) simultaneous interpretation function (including the floor channel), and the audio frequency response of the simultaneous interpretation channel can reach 20Hz~20kHz

  • Optional HD video camera tracking matrix, switcher or HD camera, HD automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic view can be realized. It supports up to 8 HD cameras and multi system cascading to meet the camera tracking requirements of large systems and conference venues

  • The server supports the infrared mobile camera tracking function. It needs to be equipped with an infrared automatic tracking camera and a conference terminal (specified model) to realize the intelligent tracking and positioning of the wireless conference terminal. The wireless microphone terminal can be moved freely within the infrared detection range, and can be tracked in real time without resetting the preset position

  • The advanced TCP / IP connection control mode is adopted between the congress server and the control computer, which can realize the control management, remote diagnosis and remote upgrade of the congress system

Discussion function: support VOX, Auto, FIFO, Operator, Request and PTT

  • Can realize conference registration, voting, different voting agenda , and compatible use with GONSIN paperless conference system

  • Operator can click terminal icons for terminal management such as approve or reject the delegate to speak

  • Speaking time limit can be set, the active terminal will be turned off when the speaking time limit reaches

  • It can monitor the system running status in real time, failure alerts will be prompted out immediately, so to ensure important meeting for smooth running

  • It can realize dual software hot stand-by function. One control computer can be set to the backup mode and connected to the system. In case of the malfunction of the current control computer, the backup computer can be hosted automatically, so to ensure the smooth progress of the conference without interruption

Technical Specifications of System Configuration Congress Server GONSIN10000N

System capacity65025
Audio frequency response30Hz~20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio>96dBA
Channel isolation>85dB
Dynamic Range>94dB
Total harmonic distortion<0.05%
Power SupplyAC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Audio interface1 balanced audio input (XLR),
1 balanced audio output (XLR),
2 unbalanced audio output (RCA),
4-channel grouped audio output (Phoenix)
Maximum audio outputLINE OUT: +20 dBu unbalanced,
BALANCE OUT: +20 dBu balanced
MIXER OUT: +20 dBu balanced,
AUDIO OUT 1~4: +20 dBu balanced
Output impedance>1KΩ
Central control methodRS-232
PC communication methodTCP/IP
Camera control methodRS-485
Maximum power consumption300W
Wired congress terminal interfaceRJ45×4, adopt own power supply protocol
Network InterfaceRJ45×2, support standard POE power supply
DisplayOLED (61mm×37mm)
Recording interfaceUSB (U disk format: FAT32)
Recording file size0.8M/min
Active mics1/2/3/4 (Excluding chairman terminal)
Supported cameras8 (SD)
Video input interfaceRCA×8(1Vp-p 75Ω) or SDI×4(SD/HD/3G)
Video output interfaceRCA×4(1Vp-p 75Ω) or SDI×1(SD/HD/3G)
Camera Tracking ProtocolPELCO-P/PELCO-D/VISCA
InstallationDesktop or 19' cabinet installation
Dimensions (L×W×H)483mm×437mm×90mm
Operating temperature-0~45°C
Storage temperature-20~50°C

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