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Congress Server GONSIN 30000S

Congress Server GONSIN 30000S
Congress Server GONSIN 30000S

Functions of System Configuration Congress Server GONSIN30000S

  • Based on LINUX operating system platform, built-in DSP digital audio processor, with howling suppression function 

  • High-contrast OLED screen to display the current status of the system and provide a multi- language setting menu such as Chinese/English

  • FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology, with spectrum monitoring and screening functions; support intelligent hopping of carrier frequency, and can automatically select a clean frequency point when speaking every time

  • Adopt fully-digital wireless communication technology, anti-interference, anti-multipath fading, not affected by light and infrared, and can be used stably in WLAN environment 

  • Adopt low-distortion, low-latency transmission technology, support 48KHz audio sampling frequency 

  • It can adjust the sensitivity of the conference terminal (0~3 levels), and adjust the best effect according to the on-site situation 

  • It supports the setting of Host ID and automatically or manually assigning ID to the conference terminals 

  • Microphone modes: AUTO, FIFO and VOX

  • VOX function: in VOX mode, the microphone will be activated automatically when the user speaks; VOX sensitivity can be adjusted (L0~L2), and can be set auto-off time 

  • Number of speakers: The number of conference terminals that can be turned on at the same time is 4 (including 1 chairman terminal + 3 delegate terminals). The server supports two WAP cascading, which can achieve a maximum number of speakers of 8, and supports multi- chairman and vice-chairman settings

  • The server supports one-key shutdown, one-key sleep, and one-key wake-up functions, effectively reducing conference workload

  • The server provides a USB interface, which can realize the recording function

  • Optional HD video camera tracking matrix, switcher or HD camera, can realize HD automatic camera tracking, supporting preset overall view

  • With the intelligent speech recognition system, the voice transcription function can be realized TCP / IP connection control mode is adopted between server and control computer

supporting web management function:

  • It can monitor the status of the server in real time, including the number of speakers, speaking mode, connection status, internal core voltage, fault warning and other information of the server

  • Support web settings for speaker number, speaking mode, microphone sensitivity, volume control and other system settings

  • Support viewing version information, support network update and local update

  • It can monitor the status of the microphone in real-time, including online status, signal strength, frequency status, remaining battery power and other information

  • Support microphone wake-up, sleep, shutdown and other operations through the Web

  • Support the system operation of unit ID number writing and HD camera tracking setting through Web

  • Support media playing management through Web, built-in MP3 recording and MP3 / FLAC / WAV / AAC playing function, can play recording files and stored audio files

Technical Indicators of System Configuration Congress Server GONSIN30000S

Max Capacity500
Transmission technologyFS-FHSS selection frequency hopping, pi/4 DQPSK+GFSK digital modulation mediation
Encryption technology32-bit encryption
working frequencyISM International Licensed Frequency Band
Audio frequency response20Hz~20KHz
Total harmonic distortion<0.05%
Signal-to-noise ratio>96dBA
Channel isolation>85dB
Dynamic range>94dB
Power supplyAC100~240V;50/60Hz
Communication interface1 serial RS232 interface, 1 group of Phoenix RS485 interface
Mp3 recording and playing interface1 USB interface
network interface4 RJ45 interfaces, support standard POE power supply
Antenna interface1 BNC interface, support broadcast monitoring
Audio interface1 balanced audio output (XLR), 1 unbalanced audio output (RCA), 1 line unbalanced audio (RCA) input
Max audio outputLINE OUT: +20 dBu unbalanced, BLANCE OUT: +20 dBu balanced
Output impedance600Ω
PC communication modeTCP/IP
Camera control modeRS-485 /RS-232
Max power consumption100W
DisplayOLED, size: 35mm×18mm
Limitation on the number of speakers1/2/3+1 chairman terminal, two WAP cascading maximum number of speakers is 8
Video tracking protocolPELCO-P/PELCO-D/VISCA
InstallationDesktop or 19' cabinet installation
Working temperature0~45℃
Storage temperature-20~50℃

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