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What is a Digital Audio Conferencing System? What Are the Considerations for Purchasing It?

Ⅰ. What is digital audio conference system?

Digital audio conference system is produced for analog audio conference system.

Digital audio conference system converts the audio signal represented by analog quantity into digital audio signal composed of many binary numbers 1 and 0 through sampling and quantization.

Digital signal transmission is carried out in digital system. The advantage of digital signal is that the signal is not distorted within the effective distance. It has good anti noise ability and is not easy to be affected by attenuation. When the signal weakens, it can be recovered without distortion. The chip design is relatively simple and convenient for computer processing. Therefore, digital audio conference system is developing rapidly and has gradually become the mainstream of the conference market.

II. What should be considered when purchasing audio conference system?

When purchasing the audio conference system, we need to consider the following points:

1. Considering the restoration rate, sound quality and transmission distance of the original sound, we need to consider whether to choose a digital system.

2. Considering the beautiful fashion, new technology and new concept of digital audio conference system, we need to consider whether to adopt wireless conference system.

3. Considering the control management and transmission between various equipment, we need to consider whether to adopt centralized control system.

4. According to the grade and positioning of the conference room, the brand and overall cost of the system also need to be considered.

5. According to the requirements of use, it is necessary to consider whether to add video control and display system to the digital audio conference system.

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