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What Is the Digital Conference Discussion System? Components of the Conference Discussion System

With the progress of society, modern conference systems are rapidly developing towards networking, which has become a trend for future conference systems. The rapid transmission characteristics of the network provide a fast way to transfer various information. Against this backdrop, conference discussion system is becoming an important component of various conference scenarios. This article will delve into the concept of digital conference discussion system and its components.


What Is a Digital Conference Discussion System?

Conference Discussion Dystem+Digital Mixer

There are currently three common ways for digital conference discussion system, one of which is combined with a digital mixer. Through the digital mixer, the conference system can more flexibly manage speech and sound mixing, making the entire conference more clear and efficient in terms of sound. This integration enhances the audio quality of the conference and the flexibility of the system.

Conference Discussion System+Digital Media Matrix

Another way is to combine it with a digital media matrix. The multimedia matrix integrates computer and video technology to provide more multimedia functions for the conference, including sound and image processing. Through the digital media matrix, the conference system is more innovative and diverse in information transmission and presentation.

Hand-in-hand Digital Conference Discussion System

The hand-in-hand digital conference discussion system is an innovative structure different from traditional systems. By connecting microphones end-to-end, this system makes it more convenient for multiple people to speak, reducing the inconvenience of passing microphones in traditional systems. This feature makes the conference more participatory and smooth.

Conference Discussion System's Components

A complete conference discussion system typically includes the following components:

Conference Terminal (Conference Moicrophone)

The conference terminal is a key equipment for participants to speak, vote, and decide. It can be used independently of a computer or connected to a computer for more functions, allowing participants to express their views more freely during the meeting.

Digital Discussion System Host

The digital discussion system host is the core of the system, with various speech modes to better adapt to different venue requirements. It manages and controls the conference process to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.

Control Computer and System Software

The control computer and system software are key components for managing and maintaining the system host. Through these hardware and software systems, users can have full control and operation of the conference system, ensuring the stable operation of the system.

Multimedia Matrix, Power Amplifier, and Speakers

Accessories such as multimedia matrix, power amplifiers, and speakers are components added to the system to enhance multimedia functions and audio effects. The combination of these devices makes the conference more efficient in discussion and excellent in multimedia presentation and sound transmission.

Chairman Control Terminal and Intelligent Voting Terminal

The chairman control terminal has priority and can manage and control the conference process. The intelligent voting terminal, as an independent terminal connected to the host, completes the conference voting function. These two components provide more participation and control for the chairman and participants.

Paperless Server

The paperless server is a background operating system that provides all functions of a paperless system before, during, and after the meeting. It includes conference service software and file management software, providing convenience for managing and saving meeting information.

Peripheral Components

Peripheral components include back PC, high-speed spherical camera, large-screen color TV, rear projection, projector, speakers, and other equipment. Users can purchase these peripherals according to their actual needs, making the conference system more comprehensive and rich.

In summary, digital conference discussion system achieves efficient management, multimedia functions, and participation experience through different components. They are widely used in various scenarios such as people's congresses, governments, enterprises, institutions, the military, and high-end hotels. The development of this system will continue to drive innovation and progress in conference methods.

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