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Why Choose Line Array Speaker System?

If you are looking for a new PA system, you may have noticed the new consumer line array speakers being introduced by various companies. Are these speakers suitable for specific venues or live performance situations? Let's take a look.

Line Array Speaker System and Their Sound Dispersal Benefits

Line array speaker system have been used for decades in large (arena or stadium size) touring performances. This is because line array speaker system is the best way to achieve clear sound throughout the venue. This is due to several different reasons.

One aspect that makes line array speaker system so efficient is the shape in which they disperse sound. Point source (non-line array) speakers project sound in a spherical shape, radiating sound in all directions from the speaker. However, the audience is typically not surrounded by the speaker in all directions - the audience tends to be more or less in front of the speaker.

Line array speaker system projects sound in a shape more closely resembling a cylinder. This greatly reduces the energy of sound projected in the vertical direction (to the ceiling and floor). With line array speaker system, you can intelligently use power to project sound more directly to your ears, rather than crossing the entire room.

Technical Foundation of Line Array Speaker System

There is typically enough space on the ceiling. However, due to distances being greater, a single or multiple classic ceiling microphones would quickly reach their limits, especially when the speaker group is larger - especially when their position in the room changes. To elegantly, with high sound quality, and inconspicuously solve this problem, you can choose to use a - or use several - array microphones depending on the room size. These microphones are usually placed on the ceiling, but sometimes also in the center of a conference table. They consist of multiple separate microphone capsules, whose signals are aggregated by a digital signal processor (DSP).

During this process, targeted matrixing can influence the recording direction of the array. This allows array microphones to align their axis with the speaker, even as the speaker moves in space.

Efficiency of Line Array Speaker System

In a large and reverberant room, in order to get clear, understandable audio at the back of the room, you have to turn the volume of the speakers up very high. However, doing so will ultimately excite the reverberant field in the room, potentially resulting in blurry, muffled, and hard-to-understand audio.

With cylindrical dispersion patterns, the decrease in sound energy is slower as the distance increases. This means you lose less volume at a distance away from the speakers. This is why line array speaker has been used for large touring performances for years and why they are becoming increasingly popular in smaller venues.

As more and more companies introduce increasingly complex line array models, we see more clubs, venues, and religious spaces adopting line array technology for clearer, more efficient sound.

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