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Components of Conference Room PA System

PA system is a key component of today's meeting room technology, through which the sound in the meeting room becomes clear, loud, and without dead spots. This magical technology is composed of multiple complex and coordinated components. Below, we will delve deeper into the composition of conference room PA systems.

Core of Conference Room PA System


Microphones are the input device of conference room PA systems, responsible for converting sounds from discussions and speeches into electrical signals. Wired microphones and wireless microphones are two common types, where the former transmits signals through cables and the latter uses advanced wireless technology.

Audio processor

This is the system's brain, processing input signals to enhance sound quality and adapt to different environmental requirements. It includes functions such as equalizers, compressors, and mixers, making the sound clearer and more vivid.


Receives the signal processed by the audio processor, amplifies it, and delivers it to the audience through speakers. Amplifiers have multiple output channels, connecting multiple speakers to ensure a wide coverage of sound throughout the entire meeting room.


Convert electrical signals into audible sound output devices, acting as sound transmitters in the meeting room. The type and quantity of speakers depend on the size of the venue and requirements to ensure clear sound delivery.

Signal transmission system

Composed of various connecting cables and devices, responsible for transmitting audio signals from microphones to audio processors, then to amplifiers and speakers. It includes audio input and output jacks, multicore cables, balanced lines, and wireless transmitters.

Control devices

Used to adjust and control PA systems various components, and can be operated through control panels, remote controls, or software applications. Through control devices, users can easily adjust volume, equalizer settings, compressor and mixer parameters, etc.

Shielding and feedback control devices

To prevent audio feedback and noise, PA systems are usually equipped with shielding and feedback control devices to ensure clear sound without interference in the meeting room.

Adapt to various scenarios: Customized Conference Room Pa Systems Configuration

The above is a typical composition of a PA system, but configurations may vary according to specific needs and venue characteristics. Different application scenarios, such as meeting rooms, theaters, sports venues, etc., may require different types and scales of PA systems to meet their respective needs.

In GONSIN's complete global solution, conference room PA systems are not just tools for sound transmission, but also provide first-class technical support for discussions and speeches in meeting rooms. Through careful configuration, GONSIN helps you create a perfect sound environment in the meeting room, allowing each participant to speak freely in clear sound.

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