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Using Digital Conference Systems to Keep People's Attention During Meetings

In recent years, there has been a tremendous change in the way meetings are conducted, as more and more meetings begin to be held online. For many people, this means sitting behind a laptop or tablet at home, often accompanied by a decrease in audio and video quality, noise in the background, and many other distracting factors.


With the rise of digital meetings, we find that these meetings usually take more time than traditional physical meetings, mainly because meeting attendees need time to familiarize themselves with the use of online meeting tools. Obviously, these factors added together make it more difficult to maintain enough attention during the entire meeting.

Traditional vs Digital Conferencing Systems Experience Comparison

The traditional face-to-face meeting experience is completely different from digital meetings. The former allows for informal interaction during the meeting, creating a more human atmosphere. However, with the convenience of remote participation highlighted, people have also realized the benefits of personal remote participation, whether it is from business trips, sickness, or isolation.

So, how can we enjoy the convenience of digital and hybrid meetings while avoiding a series of problems that arise from them? Here are five basic rules to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting.

Digital Conferencing System's 5 basic rules

Use the right meeting platform

Choose specially developed meeting platforms that provide the ability to simplify discussion and decision-making, such as speech queues, electronic voting, and agenda sharing.

On-site audio and video quality is important

Ensure that each representative is equipped with an independent microphone and camera tracking system to ensure that everyone can be seen and heard clearly during the meeting.

Remote audio and video quality is even more important

For remote participants, test the connection, microphone, and camera in time to avoid becoming a disturbing factor for other members and create good conditions for remote participation.

Manage speech time

In hybrid meetings, by using interactive auditing, agenda management, and speech timing tools, ensure that each member has an equal opportunity to speak.

Train in advance

Organize appropriate training in advance to ensure that all participants are familiar with digital meeting system's use, avoiding wasting time figuring out technical details during the meeting.

By following these basic rules, the use of digital conferencing systems can effectively improve meeting efficiency and ensure that each participant can maintain focus during the meeting.

In the era of digital meetings, GONSIN, as a leading digital conferencing system provider, is committed to solving the core issues of meeting efficiency and experience. Compared with traditional physical meetings and other online meeting systems, GONSIN not only provides easy-to-use discussion and decision-making functions such as speech queues, electronic voting, and agenda sharing, but also pays more attention to user experience by creating a more human interactive atmosphere, making meetings more efficient and lively.

When choosing the GONSIN digital conferencing system, we should also make full use of and follow the aforementioned five basic rules to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. From choosing the right meeting platform, ensuring on-site audio and video quality, paying attention to the quality of remote participation, to reasonably managing speech time and training attendees in advance, these are all key steps in ensuring meeting results.

By following these suggestions, we can maximize the advantages of the GONSIN digital conferencing system, improve meeting efficiency, and ensure that every participant can focus more and interact during the meeting, collectively advancing the team's collaboration and decision-making results. Choose GONSIN, and take your digital meeting experience to the next level.

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