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Gonsin 10000n Escorted Tongan District People's Congress

After communicating on the needs of user, GONSIN team designed a completed conference system solution for Tongan District People's Congress, Xiamen, with 1023 Triple-band Wireless Congress System, Tablet Paperless Conference System, Automatic Camera Tracking System, Central Control and Matrix System, realizing functions of registration, discussion, voting, camera tracking, and equipment comprehensive control.

GONSIN 1023 Triple-band Wireless Congress System supports 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band wireless communication, ensuring the reliability of wireless connection, with fixed rectangular columnar short microphone design. With touch control screen and NFC module, it also supports discussion, voting, simultaneous interpretation, registration, call servers and other functions.

GONSIN 10000N series has a variety of terminal forms, which supports seamless compatible with wireless, wired and flush-mounted terminals, as well as supports the expansion with automatic speech recognition system and automatic camera tracking system.

The chairman's seat is equipped with a tablet paperless terminal, realizing the functions of registration, voting, internal information sending, file reading, etc., which is flexible and convenient.


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