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GONSIN Escorted Kunming Medical University To Open A New Model Of Paperless Office

In 1993, Kunming Medical College was listed among the six keys higher education institutions in Yunnan province. Since its inception, Kunming Medical University had over 80,000 graduates, and it has established itself as the largest specialized medical university in Yunnan and led the way in medical education, scientific research and medical services.

With the rapid development of information technology, large-scale academic exchanges between colleges and universities are becoming more and more frequent. In order to improve the digital, intelligent and information level of the universities, GONSIN overall solution of paperless conference system was applied into the conference room, meeting the increasingly diversified conference work needs.

GONSIN has designed a set of audio and video solutions for Kunming Medical University, integrating paperless conference system, professional discussion system, and automatic camera tracking system, which is a practical application.

Kunming Medical University can use the functions of teaching management discussion, voting, preparation and arrangement through the paperless system. The paperless terminal of leaders or teachers can share the videos, documents and other materials on the attendees’ screen for joint discussion and analysis. At the same time, it can be interactively annotated and saved by multiple people, which effectively realizes meeting recording.

In the past, a large number of printed materials needed to be prepared in advance before the meeting. Now the meeting preparation can be completed in the paperless system, and real-time and effective communication can be carried out in the form of documents, forms, PPT, video, etc., which not only saves resources, reduces the meeting cost, but also improves the efficiency of meeting decision-making, and realizes the marking of meeting materials.

According to the characteristics of the venue, GONSIN Team has combined the lifting paperless conference system, DCS-2043 dual-chain backup conference system, DCS-2057 flush-mounting backup conference system and automatic camera tracking system.

In 2043 dual chain backup conference discussion system, the rectangular columnar short microphone is adjustable, with elegant design. And It adopts professional cavity design to ensure clear sound quality and high fidelity. Besides, it adopts the three backup mechanisms - dual hot stand-by function for servers, dual hot stand-by function for management software and dual chains backup for conference terminals, to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the system and the smooth and uninterrupted meeting.

2057 Flush-mounting backup conference system adopts the embedded installation method to keep the conference room clean and easy to manage at all times. And it is equipped with an automatic camera tracking system, and the conference scene images can be played on the display system in real time. At the same time, it has good expansibility, providing a foundation for the upgrading and transformation of the system in the future.

For the overall solution of audio and video conference systems in the education field, GONSIN has formed a complete and systematic design process. So GONSIN escorted the development of digital campus with smart systems, like discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, paperless conference system, intelligent automatic speech recognition system, conference PA system, central control system, camera tracking system, etc.,

Paperless Conference System

Southwest Minzu University
Lifting Paperless Conference System + PA System

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Finance
Lifting Paperless Conference System

Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan Kunming Medical University
Lifting Paperless Conference System

Discussion System

Reception Room of International Campus of South China University of Technology
2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System+PA System

Reception Room of International Campus of South China University of Technology
1022 Triple-band Wireless Congress System + PA System

Conference room of Shenzhen Pingshan Experimental Primary School
2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System

Bowen College of Guilin University of Technology
3021 Wireless Congress System

Yunnan Normal University Business School
3021 Wireless Congress System

Conference room of the board of directors of the school of Arts of the University of Colombo
3300 Desktop Digital Conference System

Simultaneous Interpretation System

Conference Center of Shenzhen University Town
1000 units of IR Simultaneous Interpretation System

Conference Room of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System

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