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In Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, when it comes to the multiple product extension of the wireless conference systems, GONSIN has attracted enough attention to wow the audience.

In this exhibition, GONSIN 30000 series product gets the most attention, it is utilized GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS( Frequency Selection-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), FS-FHSS is the innovative technology self-developed by GONSIN, based on the frequency hopping technology.  It detects and selects the frequency spectrum to ensure the frequency spectrum that is selected for frequency hopping is not interfered with. The double mechanism, frequency selection, and frequency hopping ensure stable communication. Stable communication within the system makes the complicated wireless environment no longer an obstacle. FS-FHSS technology has been applied in simultaneous interpretation systems, wireless conference discussion systems, and other products of GONSIN.

Why is FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation so popular for the audience? Because it is utilized GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology. FS-FHSS technology enables the system to detect 2.4G RF resources in the wireless environment automatically. With the supporting software, the system adapts the reliable FS-FHSS mechanism to avoid co-channel interference.  By the server, it sets the Host ID, to realize the grouping management of the receivers; the high-efficient digital audio compression improves the usage rate of the wireless carriers. Multiple systems operate within the same building without any interference; The compatibility of the system is strong, digital interpreter console and analog interpreter console can be applied in the system. In the large-scale conference venue and even the super-large indoor or outdoor conference venue, on account of the unique technology applied in the FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system, it could precisely control the signal radio to cover the aimed area. Technicians would modulate the signal transmission power according to the customers’ requirement, the adjustment range is from 50m to 500m. The customized version could cover 2000m, meanwhile, the wireless access points will not be increased with the increasing coverage area.

At the end of 2015,Jalsa Salana, Qadian 2015 was a mass religious outdoor rally. Because the event gathered members from more than 40 nations and covered English, Russian, Arabic, and other 7 languages, what is more, there is strong sunshine interference, high humidity in the air, close to 20℃diurnal temperature differences, and other unstable environmental factors. Not to mention, there are 25,000 people attending the rally. Faced with such complicated environmental factors and such a large-scale conference venue, GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system accomplishes its job and makes the rally held smoothly.

With the strategic background of five wireless coverage of GONSIN, developing products on the same platform is beneficial to the product compatibility. As one of the 30000 series products, wireless conference system DCS-3021 comes with its characteristic, its outlook is modern and technology. The designer has made a humanization design in the details, the texture of it is excellent too. Meanwhile, it comes with many advantages such as easy operation, quick installation, strong anti-interference. The maximum system capability is above 500 units. More surprisingly, because of FS-FHSS technology, the system occupies fewer wireless resources, multiple systems could cooperate without any interference.  

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What is more, the DCS-3021 wireless conference system has one unique characteristic, all parts of the system are light. All-in-one package makes the transportation more convenient. One system, one conference, no installation, no commission, no auxiliary equipment, all make conferences efficient and convenient.  

The cooperation between FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system and the DCS-2021 wireless conference system is beyond perfect. The combination could overcome multiple complicated conference venues, such as indoor or outdoor large-scale conference venues, multiple functions not-fixed super-large conference venues, international press conferences, seminars and etc. Everyone who uses it could tell it.

From many conference system manufacturers in the exhibition, we can find that wireless conference has become the mainstream; But what makes GONSIN different is its advanced soft power, a unique technology with patents, first-class research team, advanced manufacturing, detecting facility, perfect after-sale service. We can foresee that GONSIN insistence in wireless products developing strategy will become the benchmark in the industry.

For friends who haven't seen the perfect combination in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, do not feel disappointed! GONSIN will wait for your visit to InfoComm China!

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