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How to Configure Conference Meeting Microphone

Conference meeting microphone, a seemingly simple device, is actually a powerful audiovisual system composed of various instruments. Proper configuration is the key to the advantage of the conference system. This article will introduce three common conference meeting microphone configuration methods, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and help you better choose a configuration suitable for the scene.


Conference Meeting Microphone+Mixer

This configuration is mainly used in occasions with high audio quality requirements. It has the advantage of relatively good sound color restoration and is suitable for small areas (about 100 square meters). However, as the number of conference meeting microphone increases, feedback problems gradually become apparent. The equipment required to handle feedback not only sacrifices sound quality but also increases costs. In addition, traditional configuration methods have limited functionality expansion and cannot meet the needs of modern conferences for intelligent management, camera tracking, and other requirements.

Conference Meeting Microphone+Audio Processor

This configuration is suitable for occasions with a larger number of microphones (5 or more) and relatively low engineering costs. Although it can suppress feedback to a certain extent, achieve intelligent management, as the number of microphones increases, the wiring workload increases dramatically, and the acoustic gain effect is not ideal. This configuration is mainly used in small video conferences, small meeting rooms, interactive training rooms, and other places. For occasions with high functional requirements, it still needs to rely on other equipment, with a relatively low cost-effectiveness.

Hand-in-hand Digital Conference Meeting Microphone Method

The hand-in-hand digital conference meeting microphone method is the most widely used configuration at present, suitable for various occasions from small to large conferences. It can meet the needs of single-language speech to multi-language speech, and achieve effective management of conferences through hardware settings or management software. The advantage of this method is that it is convenient for wiring. A dedicated digital conference meeting microphone cable can connect multiple microphones, the control method is flexible to meet the comprehensive functional needs of the conference, and it has strong scalability. Although the sound quality of a single microphone may not be as good as the first two methods, when using the same number of microphones, the overall effect is better, making it the mainstream configuration for conference speaking.

Choosing the right conference meeting microphone configuration depends on the size of the venue, functional requirements, and budget constraints. The hand-in-hand digitalconference meeting microphone method, as the mainstream configuration at present, not only guarantees sound quality but also provides multi-function expansion, making it the ideal choice for modern conference systems.

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