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Wireless Discussion Solutions

In the global digital conference equipment field,Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., Ltd. has been the leader in research, development, manufacturing and sales since its inception in2003. As a China National New and High-tech Enterprise and an honored member of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA),Gonsin is dedicated to providing complete conference system solutions globally. Among them,wireless microphones play a crucial role in remote meetings.

Wireless Mic: The Sound Support for Remote Meetings

With the increasing popularity of virtual meeting scenarios such as remote work and video conferences, traditional office meeting rooms have been transferred to computers. This shift brings many conveniences, but also raises some challenges, one of the most prominent being audio quality. Traditional laptop microphones cannot meet the needs of multiple users sharing the same space, especially in meetings with numerous participants where distorted and distant sounds become particularly noticeable.


But we have a solution:30000S Wireless Mic System

Just connect the control unit to the computer, and you can connect all possible push-to-talk microphones needed at one end through the daisy chain method, ensuring clear sound transmission for everyone. This innovative system eliminates unnecessary sound interference in remote communication, allowing participants to communicate effectively at different locations without having to move near the computer or use long handheld microphones.

30000S Wireless Mic System Features

Frequency Selective Hopping Technology (FS-FHSS): featuring spectrum monitoring and filtering functions, supports intelligent hopping to ensure the choice of the clearest frequency point every time the user speaks.

Digital Wireless Communication Technology: resistant to interference and multi-path fading, it can be used stably inWLANenvironments, unaffected by light and infrared rays.

Unique Unit ID: each terminal has a unique unit ID, supporting automatic or manual assignment, ensuring that multiple terminals in the same environment do not interfere with each other.

Adjustable sensitivity: the sensitivity of the conference terminal can be adjusted to achieve the best effect according to the on-site conditions.

Built-in high-fidelity speakers: each terminal is equipped with a built-in high-quality speaker, independent of the computer speaker, providing clear and high-quality audio.

Exclusive features of the chairman terminal: the chairman's terminal can be freely opened, with a priority button to close the speaking delegate terminal, enhancing flexible meeting control.

Advanced Audio Technology: uses14mm PDM digital microphone core, 48Ksampling, uncompressed pi/4DQPSK+GFSK digital modulation technology, ensuring high-quality audio transmission.

Gonsin's 30000S wireless microphone system provides users with a wireless audio solution, aiming to create clear, efficient and enjoyable communication experiences. As a leading company in digital conference equipment, Gonsin continues to provide users with innovative and reliable solutions, helping businesses globally achieve smarter and more efficient meeting experiences.

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