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What is the Hand in Hand Video and Audio Conferencing System?

1. what is a "hand in hand" video and audio conferencing system?

The "hand in hand" conference system adopts a single cable connection method, that is, each speech unit in the conference system adopts a one-in-one-out connection method, the input comes from the previous unit, and the output is transmitted to the next unit, which is what we usually call the bus connection method. The voice signal and control signal in the entire system are transmitted through a cable, the audio conference system can work in an orderly manner, ensuring the orderly and smooth progress of the conference.

2. What is an infrared wireless conference system?

The audio conference system that uses infrared wireless technology for signal transmission is called the infrared wireless conference system. The infrared wireless conference system is fashionable and beautiful, getting rid of the troubles caused by cables in traditional conference rooms.

While meeting the functions of the traditional conference system, it also has the advantages of system stability, security and confidentiality, high-fidelity sound quality, quick and easy installation and use, and beautiful overall environment of the venue. As a new thing, it is quickly accepted by the market and is increasingly being applied in practical engineering cases.

3. What is an audio conference system for network transmission?

Through network data transmission technology, the voice signals in two conference rooms far away or remote are transmitted in two directions, making it a reality that two conference rooms far away hold a meeting at the same time, which is what we usually call a remote conference. It has been widely used in practical cases.

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