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Order and Initial Settings of Meeting Hall Sound System Equipment Switches

In meeting hall sound system, the correct equipment power-on and power-off sequence is crucial to ensure the normal operation of the audio equipment and protect the devices. Incorrect power-on and power-off sequences may result in device damage, especially to power amplifiers and speakers.


Meeting Hall Sound System Equipment Power-On Sequence

Power-On Sequence

  • Signal Source Equipment: First, turn on the device that provides audio signals.

  • Mixer: Next, turn on the mixer to adjust various parameters of the audio signal.

  • Signal Processing Equipment (Peripheral Equipment): After setting up the mixer, turn on other peripheral equipment such as audio processors.

  • Power Amplifier: Finally, turn on the power amplifier to minimize potential damage when the amplifier receives current shocks.

Power-Off Sequence

  • Power Amplifier: First, turn off the power amplifier to prevent current shocks to the speakers.

  • Peripheral Equipment: Next, turn off other peripheral equipment such as signal processing devices.

  • Mixer: Turn off the mixer.

  • Signal Source Equipment: Finally, turn off the device that provides signals.

Using a power sequencer can automatically manage the power-on and power-off sequence of devices, ensuring that there are no errors during operation and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

Meeting Hall Sound System Initial Equipment Setup

Before using the meeting hall sound system, correct initial setup of the equipment is crucial to ensure audio quality and effects. Here are some suggestions:

Wireless Microphones

Frequency Matching: Ensure the transmitter and receiver frequencies match by using the infrared sync button.

Refer to the manual for specific settings.


Pull all faders to the lowest position.

Turn on the mixer power.

Power Amplifier

Before turning on, set the amplifier volume knob to the minimum.

Turn on the power amplifier, wait for the“click”sound, then gradually increase the volume knob to ensure both channels are opened to the same position.

After completing the above settings, the sound system will operate normally. By following the correct power-on and power-off sequences and initial setup steps, equipment can be effectively protected, improving the reliability and audio quality of the sound system.

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