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HD Modular Matrix Switcher GX-MMD08-D/MMD16-D/MMD32-D/MMD64-D

GONSIN Modular Matrix supports signals conversion in various interface formats, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, VIDEO, YPbPr, SDI and optical fiber. Leading full-digital signal processing technology without distortion ensures the best image is sent to the display side. The flexible and changeable plug-in modular structure design perfectly solves the compatibility problem of too many signal sources and coexistence of digital and analog signals in video projects. Each signal card supports 4-way signal input or output, saving the investment costs and reducing the difficulty of construction. It is convenient to expand upgrade and maintenance.

Modular Matrix Switcher
Central Control System
Modular Matrix Switcher
Central Control System
Modular Matrix Switcher
Modular Matrix Switcher
Central Control System
Modular Matrix Switcher
Central Control System
Modular Matrix Switcher

Features of HD Modular Matrix Switcher GX-MMD08-D / MMD16-D / MMD32-D / MMD64-D

  • In compliance with IEC60914 international standard

  • The system seamlessly connects to the GONSIN discussion system and supports automatic switching of camera tracking.

  • Industrialized standard chassis and modular design, according to the actual needs of input/output signal cards can be selected

  • Front panel with power indicator, IR receiver, LCD display, input/output channel switching buttons, MENU function buttons.

  • With 4/8/16/32 card slots, support for inserting 2/4/8/16 signal input cards and 2/4/8/16 signal output cards.

  • RJ45 interface for TCP/IP network port control

  • With 2 DB9 serial port holder, and control equipment RS232 port connection

  • Compatible with HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV, SDI, HDBaseT, OpticalFiber (1080P fiber) and other 1080P signals seamless switching card

  • Compatible with HDMI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber (4K x 2K fiber optic) and other 4K signal switching boards.

  • Embedded hardware architecture design, the system is stable and reliable, seamless switching without black screen, flashing screen, no time delay

  • Bus switching technology, each signal using a separate channel for transmission, to ensure that all signals and images of real-time display

  • Host with frequency multiplier technology, the image signal multiplier scaling, frequency enhancement display

  • Support OSD customized character overlay screen display function.

  • Support the current equipment input and output channel status query function.

  • Support screen splicing function (1×1-8×8 equal ratio screen)

  • Support panel key lock function to prevent misoperation

  • Support not less than 10 scenes save and call function, support group cut function.

  • Support HDMI1.4a standard, the highest support for 4K resolution input and output switching, compatible with HDCP

  • Support built-in EDID management and manual EDID learning function.

  • Support power failure memory, audio and video synchronization function

  • Matrix host and signal to meet not less than 7 × 24 hours without power failure-free operation

  • With RS232, TCP / IP, IR and key control a total of four control modes, the use of flexible, easy to use with a variety of control devices with the use of

  • The system seamlessly connects to GONSIN conference management system, supporting system visualization management.

Technical Parameters of HD Modular Matrix Switcher GX-MMD08-D / MMD16-D / MMD32-D / MMD64-D

Chassis structurePluggable signal card
Slots for cardsInput*2 /output *2Input*4/output*4Input*8/output*8Input*16/output*16
Type of signal1080P signal: HDMI,DVI,VGA,AV,SDI,HDBaseT,Optical Fiber 4K×2K signal: HDMI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber
ResolutionAccording to the type of input and output card, support 36 types of resolution: 1920×1200, 1080P, 1080I, 1366×768, 720P, 576i, 480i
control modesRS232, TCP/IP, IR, button control
Front panelbutton control, LCD screen, IR Receiving window
Power220V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption23W31W60W116W
Relative humidity10%~90%
Working temperature0°C~50°C
Dimension of chassis (L×W×H)2U3U5U10U
without hanger: 437x318x88mmwithout hanger: 437x317x133mmwithout hanger: 437x320x222mmwithout hanger: 437x317x444mm
with hanger: 483x318x88mmwith hanger: 483x317x133mmwith hanger: 483x320x222mmwith hanger: 483x317x444mm

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