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Internet Radio Amplifier

Internet Radio Amplifier
Internet Radio Amplifier

Features of Internet Radio Amplifier GX-PA4001 / GX-PA4002 / GX-PA4003 / GX-PA4004 / GX-PA4005 / GX-PA4006 / GX-PA4007 / GX-PA4008 / GX-PA4009 / GX-PA4010 / GX-PA4011

  • Based on TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP protocol, support LAN and WAN transmission, can be installed anywhere the network can be reached, to achieve access and control of servers and other network equipment

  • With 4.3-inch color capacitive touch screen, the interface is clear and easy to operate

  • Through Android or IOS sub-control software, you can control on-demand and paging functions in real time

  • Built-in 1 channel audio decoding module, supporting network audio signal conversion into analog stereo signal output, realizing playing background music, emergency paging, alarm signal, etc. from the server system

  • With USB interface, it supports local playback of MP3 audio in USB

  • Support 8~768Kbps high bit rate format playback, with high fidelity sound effects

  • It has 1 stereo line input and 1 microphone input, supports local audio source playback, and the microphone volume is independently adjustable

  • It has 2 mono line output, which can be extended to connect the power amplifier output

  • It has 2 sets of 100V constant voltage output, connected to constant voltage broadcast speakers, which can meet the requirements of different occasions

  • With 1 short circuit output, when there is a task, the short circuit triggers the work

  • With 1 emergency output, with 24V strong cut function

  • It has a 220V5A intelligent control power interface, which can be turned on and off automatically or manually. The system can be set to supply power regularly, which is intelligent and environmentally friendly.

  • With output short-circuit protection, output limiting protection, overload protection, overheating protection and other protective measures to ensure the safe use of power amplifiers and speakers

  • With indicator lights such as power indicator, signal indicator, peak clipping indicator, protection indicator, etc., the status of the power amplifier is clear at a glance

  • It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, light weight, small size, high power and strong load capacity

  • An offline storage module is optional, and it can also realize timing playback and timing ringing even when it is disconnected from the network

  • An optional USB Bluetooth module can be used to push audio to the terminal for playback via mobile phone Bluetooth

  • Optional USB 2.4G wireless microphone module to meet the needs of local microphone amplification output

  • Support remote server management and remote upgrade, which is convenient for users to maintain

Technical Parameters of Internet Radio Amplifier GX-PA4001 / GX-PA4002 / GX-PA4003 / GX-PA4004 / GX-PA4005 / GX-PA4006 / GX-PA4007 / GX-PA4008 / GX-PA4009 / GX-PA4010 / GX-PA4011

ModelGX-PA4001/GX-PA4002/GX-PA4003/GX-PA4004/GX-PA4005/GX-PA4006/ GX-PA4007/GX-PA4008/GX-PA4009/GX-PA4010/GX-PA4011
Output power60W/120W/240W/360W/500W/600W/800W/1000W/1200W/1500W/2100W
Constant voltage output100V±5%
Display size4.3 inch capacitive touch screen
Network interfaceRJ45*1, 100Mbps/10Mbps
Audio interfaceAUX_IN*1, MIC_IN*1, LINE_OUT*2
Memory interfaceUSB (U disk)*1, maximum support 128G
Other interfacesUSB (extension 2.4G wireless microphone)*1, short-circuit output*1, short-circuit input*1, emergency output*1, 24V forced cut power output*1
Support protocolAC220V 5A OUT*1TCP/IP, UD, IGMP
Audio formatMp3
Audio mode16-bit stereo CD sound quality
Bit rate8k~768Kbps
AUX sensitivity-12dB
MIC sensitivity-40dB
Frequency response20Hz~20KHz
Harmonic distortionTHD≤0.1%
Signal to noise ratio≥70dB
Short circuit output0V<5A
Protection circuitoverload, over temperature, short circuit protection, DC protection
Power supplyAC220V±10% /50Hz
Standby power consumption<3W
Product size485×410×90mm
Product weight8.48Kg/8.48Kg/8.48Kg/8.48Kg/8.5Kg/8.5Kg/8.5Kg/9.5Kg/9.5Kg/9.5Kg/9.5Kg
Working temperature-5℃~60℃
Environmental humidity20%~80% relative humidity

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