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Power Hub HUB-P150S

Power Hub HUB-P150S
Power Hub HUB-P150S

Functions of System Configuration Congress Power Hub HUB-P150S

  • In compliance with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology

  • Based on digital control framework and highspeed CPU, the system has more stable performance and higher processing speed

  • Developed on Linux-based OS platform, the server has robust stability and thus applies to large-sized convention centers with strict running conditions

  • Power Status Indicator, support detection for voltage, current, temperature, overload, overheat

  • Distributed management function, controlled by the server automatically, the operation data is uploaded by network

  • Adopt distributed power supply management, single power HUB can connect to up to 65 terminals(turn off built-in speaker) or 5 desktop paperless all-in-one terminals (according to terminal model and the length of cable); it can form a super-large system with 65,025 terminals, by adding power hubs and servers. Power HUB are controlled and managed by the server

  • All the equipment are connected by cable. Flexible cabling reduces project workload, makes large-scale construction easier

  • It supports daisy-chain connection, star connection and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable. The break down of one extension won’t influence the other extensions, and the malfunction of one attachment among the extensions won't influence the system work.

  • Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug

  • The serial-number is one and only, the congress system supports automatically or manually assign ID to the corresponding equipment

  • Built-in congress terminal auto-detect mechanism

  • Real-time monitor for system operation, to find out system error in time

  • Co-work with congress server to expand congress terminal connection and designed to meet the power requirement for larger congress system

  • 5 terminal connection ports and 2 extended connection ports for HUB

  • Synchronously start up and shut down with server

  • More functions when cooperates with system control software

Technical Parameters of System Configuration Congress Power Hub HUB-P150S

System Capacity65,025
Standard Capacity65 Terminals(turn off built-in speaker)/25 Terminals(turn on built-in speaker)/5 Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminals
Status IndicationLED
PowerAC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption150W
Terminal Connection PortRJ45×7
Operating Temperature0~45°C
Storage Temperature-20~50°C
InstallationConcealed or Rack

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