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Suggestions for the Use of Simultaneous Translation Devices

Get in advance simultaneous translation devices receivers and headphones

Make sure to get your receiver and headphones in advance before the meeting starts, otherwise you may need to operate them midway through the speech. This ensures that you can smoothly hear the translated content throughout the meeting and avoid interruptions due to simultaneous translation device issues that may affect your listening experience.

Use with cautionsimultaneous translation device headphones and microphone

Never use the maximum volume when using headphones for the first time. Although the simultaneous interpreter is a professional who knows how to use the microphone, accidents can still happen, and high volume may damage your hearing. Always start with a lower volume to ensure a comfortable and safe auditory experience.

The same rules apply to interpreters. Never tap or strike the open microphone of the simultaneous translation device, as it poses a serious health threat to the audience, especially the conference interpreters who are translating for you.

Understand simultaneous translation device language channels

It is important to know which channel your language is in. Usually, the language channels are numbered and the channel assignments are posted on the interpreter booth or announced before the meeting starts. Make sure you choose the correct channel to accurately listen to the translated content.

Simultaneous translation device receiver issues

Although a fully charged receiver should work fine throughout the day, sometimes the battery of the simultaneous translation device receiver may run out, resulting in reduced sound quality. Report the issue to the audio technician promptly, and they will provide a new receiver to ensure an uninterrupted auditory experienAce.

Avoid headphones near the microphone

To prevent microphone feedback, never place headphones near the microphone in use. This will prevent sharp noises and ensure a smooth flow of the entire simultaneous interpretation process.

By following these recommendations, you can make better use of simultaneous translation devices, ensuring smooth communication and effective exchange in multilingual occasions such as business and government meetings and international conferences. The high flexibility and applicability of simultaneous interpretation devices make them the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor, temporary, and permanent meeting venues.

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