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The conference center of Global Industrial Internet Conference

Project Overview:

Nestled in Shenyang, the conference center of the Global Industrial Internet Conference stands tall as a new landmark in the city. Boasting a grandeur befitting its significance, it features a spacious conference room with 1000 seats, a medium-sized conference room accommodating 300 attendees, and 8 small meeting rooms ranging from 10 to 50 seats each.

Within this state-of-the-art facility, the GONSIN IR Simultaneous Interpretation System with 500 seats takes center stage. This innovative technology seamlessly bridges language barriers, ensuring clear communication and facilitating effective discourse among participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds. With its reliable performance and cutting-edge features, the GONSIN system enhances the conference experience, reaffirming the center's status as a premier venue for international gatherings.

Product Reference: IR Simultaneous Interpretation System


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