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Typical Meeting Solutions in Conference Systems: A Comprehensive Analysis

The construction of the conference room system is a high-standard comprehensive construction project. The construction of the conference system should not only have practicality, but also a certain level of advancement and forwardness. The design fully reflects the system's usability, advancement, convenience, security, reliability, scalability, and the rationality of the system's cost-effectiveness, providing strong hardware support for enterprise development. The conference room design needs to be advanced in concept, stable in system, fully functional, and efficient in command.

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What should be achieved by the conference system?

  • Able to manage all audio systems easily and quickly;

  • Ensure that the audio and sound reinforcement system is easy to operate, flexible in function, and meets the different functional requirements of the meeting;

  • Meet the needs of daily meetings and discussions.

Satisfy customer needs to the fullest while meeting national standards.

Sound system design of the conference system

Ensure that the acoustic technical indicators of these venues meet the specified requirements, and that the sound system design of each venue meets the following characteristics:


The paperless conference system selects advanced, practical technology and intelligent conference products with complete functions and first-class equipment, which are moderately advanced in technology. The entire system reflects the development level of intelligent conference system technology today and is in line with the development trend in the future. It can maintain its leading position in technology for a considerable period of time.

Maturity and practicality

The subsystems should adopt advanced, mature and reliable products, which have been used and tested, and are practical. The functions and roles of each device are fully utilized. The conference system can fully meet the requirements of visual management of the Disease Control Center, is easy to operate, simple to maintain and convenient to manage.

Flexibility and openness

On the basis of meeting current requirements, the gonsin conference system should have openness and compatibility, and good interconnectivity and interoperability with future expansion equipment.

Integration and scalability

In the design of the conference system, the integration of various systems in the conference room should be fully considered to ensure the advancement, rationality, scalability and compatibility of the overall structure of the conference system. With different manufacturers and different types of advanced products, the entire system can be continuously enriched and improved with the development and progress of technology.

Standardization and modularization

The system design and equipment configuration should strictly follow relevant national and regional standards, and based on the requirements of the overall structure of the system, each subsystem should be structured and standardized to comprehensively reflect the advanced technology of today's world.

Safety and reliability

We deeply understand the importance of the safety and reliability of the equipment and conference system operation in the conference room. Therefore, safety and reliability are always put in the first place in equipment selection and system design. Mature, reliable and stable performance equipment and accessories are selected, and the key parts of the system adopt redundant design with high fault tolerance and strong anti-interference capabilities. Problems such as electrostatic, noise, strong electric shock, etc. are solved in equipment selection, material selection, and construction plans.

Service and convenience

The system used should fully reflect the safety, advancement, reliability, convenience, and efficiency of management and users in all aspects to meet the various functional needs in the conference room.


Under the premise of guaranteeing the system's advancement, reliability, and high-performance cost-effectiveness, the most economical goal can be achieved through optimized design.

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