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【Unique And Brilliant】Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone

■ Can equip with 2 or 4 rectangular columnar microphones with horizontal array layout, full metal microphone pedestal, simple and elegant

■ Fine etching mesh, unique cavity design, 14 mm diameter gilded capacitance microphone with cardioid directed electred, delivering clear sound effect

■ Zinc alloy integrated shell can effectively suppress all kinds of electromagnetic interference, and ensure clear and clean pickup sound

■ Built-in windproof cotton, optimizing the structure design of the acoustic chamber, and bringing better sound quality

■ Adjustable microphone angle, convenient for collecting the sound

■ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference

■ Black full metal pedestal covered by low-reflectance and grinding coatings

■ 3-pin nickel-plated XLR male socket on the back of the pedestal serves as the output terminal of audio signal

■ Microphone supports 48V phantom power supply

■ With microphone status indicator

■ Each microphone has independent audio output and multiple redundant back-up to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting

■ Suitable for speech occasions to meet the needs of high quality sound reinforcement

■ It can co-work directly with audio processor or mixer

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