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What Are the Devices Included in Simultaneous Interpretation Systems for Meetings?

Understand the simultaneous interpretation systems basic equipment

In conferences, large events, and speeches, the use of simultaneous interpretation systems is becoming more widespread, ensuring that the audience can understand the speaker's content in real time. However, in order for speakers and translators to efficiently accomplish their tasks, what kind of equipment do we need? This article will explore the basic equipment of simultaneous interpretation systems and key considerations when preparing for events.


Professional simultaneous interpretation system equipment, ensuring seamless interpretation

Interpreter Console

The interpreter console is one of the indispensable devices in a simultaneous interpretation system. This device delivers the speaker's speech to the translator and then delivers the translated voice to the audience's wearing receivers. Interpreter consoles are usually placed in soundproof booths so that interpreters can control headphone volume. In the case of multiple service providers, interpreter consoles become particularly important as one interpreter can mute the microphone while another can continue working.


Simultaneous interpretation receiver is a portable device that allows the audience to listen to the interpreted content through headphones. In a quote request, be sure to ask how many receivers are needed to ensure that each audience member gets one.

Transmitters and Sound Devices

Sound devices include speakers, microphones, and all necessary cables and cords. Transmitter devices, on the other hand, transmit the microphone's signal wirelessly to the speakers and audio interpreter console, and then deliver the interpreter's voice to the receivers. The synergy of these devices ensures the high-quality transmission of voice, allowing the simultaneous interpretation system to work smoothly in various environments.

Key considerations to ensure smooth event proceedings

In event preparation, in addition to understanding the basic equipment, it is also necessary to ask a series of key questions to the service provider to ensure that the language interpretation process of the event can be efficient and smooth. If the event is planned to last more than two hours, consider hiring multiple professional interpreters to ensure that they can take turns working and stay energized.

By understanding the basic equipment required for simultaneous interpretation systems and asking the right questions, you can ensure a smooth and efficient language interpretation process for the event, allowing the audience to accurately understand the speaker's message.

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