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Why Did Conference Microphone Discussion System Start Causing a Sensation?

If you are looking for a conference microphone discussion system (also known as a one-touch microphone, discussion, or conference system) and are not sure where to start, then you've come to the right place. When conveying information to remote or large audiences, using the right equipment is crucial.

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In simple terms, a conference microphone discussion system is an audio device that allows conference participants to hear each other and be heard by others.

Imagine a city council with 20 people sitting around a table, with another 100 audience members watching. For such a group, passing around physical microphones between speakers is impractical as it would slow down the process and potentially cause confusion. This is where conference microphone discussion system come into play.

The advantages of microphone discussion system


These systems make it easier for more speakers to participate in the conference, and allow more participants to track the conference proceedings as passive listeners or through recordings.


Speakers no longer need to constantly pass around individual microphones as each speaker has their own microphone. This eliminates the time wasted in fumbling for the microphone between speakers. Each microphone lights up when activated, so it's clear who is speaking.

Language translation support

For multilingual audiences, conference microphone discussion system is often combined with simultaneous interpretation device. Independent microphones can transmit the audio signals of the entire room directly to the interpreter, ensuring clear translation.

Improved conference flow

The mute, volume, and voting control functions of these systems enable the chairperson to effectively control the conference, identify participants, and issue commands when necessary.

The key terms of microphone discussion system

Many terms are essential for understanding this system.


This is the person who presides over the conference. They can identify speakers, remind them of time limits, and facilitate voting. The chairperson has a special microphone unit called the chairman unit, which includes additional functions such as speaker priority mute.


Refers to all attendees of the conference other than the chairperson. Each delegate has their own microphone, called a delegate unit.

Central Control Unit (CCU)

This unit serves as the central control for all individual microphone units. It also mixes microphone audio, allocates translation channels, and supports voting functions. Some central units also have built-in recording capabilities.

Interpretation channel

The language used by each delegate when listening to presentations. When the diversity of the audience requires multiple target languages, multiple interpreters using the same system can be provided.

Simultaneous interpretation

Interpreters listen to live presentations through headphones while simultaneously translating the spoken language into the target language. This is a demanding job that requires a high level of proficiency.

Things to consider when purchasing a microphone discussion system

Easy to use

These systems are designed to make your conference more efficient, so the equipment must be user-friendly.

Number of participants

It is important to know the number of users to choose the correct number of representative microphone units. Most CCUs can accommodate 80-120 delegate units, so the number of users will affect the number of central control units required, especially in larger group sizes.

Signal quality

Older model systems use analog audio signals, but most modern systems have been digitalized to improve audio quality, reduce weight, and provide more signal processing and recording options.


Your event venue will determine whether you need a wired or wireless system. If you are using infrared interpretation devices, maintaining line of sight between the transmitter and receiver is important as infrared signals cannot penetrate walls.

Advanced features

Conference microphone discussion systems are becoming increasingly advanced and come with special features, so consider whether you need features such as voting and meeting procedure functions, recording capabilities, etc.

The GONSIN conference discussion system combines efficient discussion, advanced digital technology, and flexible configuration to provide you with an excellent conference experience. The system not only achieves an intelligent conference environment but also integrates smoothly with other systems to tailor the best solution for you. Purchasing the GONSIN conference discussion system means not only improving conference efficiency and realizing digital upgrades but also investing in a stable and reliable conference support system. Choose GONSIN to inject new vitality into your conferences and make every discussion a key factor in team success.

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