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GONSIN Conference System Helps Enterprises and Institutions Improve Work Efficiency

GONSIN conference system plays an important role in the operation of modern enterprises and institutions, helping to solve many problems faced by traditional meetings, thereby improving work efficiency.

Gonsin Conference System Solves the Following Issues

Inflexible and inefficient venue preparation and seating management: Traditional venue preparation often requires a lot of manpower and resources, and is not easily adjustable, affecting the smooth conduct of meetings.

Cumbersome pre-meeting paper documents, lacking adaptability: Paper document management involves a large workload and cumbersome operations, and cannot promptly respond to meeting changes.

Inconvenient transmission of presentation information and viewing difficulties: Traditional large screen presentations are hard to view from a distance and lack real-time interactive functionality.

Difficulty in recording modifications to meeting documents: Modifications to traditional paper meeting documents are difficult to record, and the discussion process cannot be saved, affecting meeting tracking and summarization.

Poor communication among participants: Poor communication among participants during meetings affects the efficiency of information exchange and problem-solving.

Inability to tally voting results in real time: Traditional meetings cannot tally voting results in real time, affecting the speed of decision-making.

Difficulty in ensuring the confidentiality of meeting documents: For meetings involving highly confidential information, paper documents may pose a risk of leakage, compromising security.


Gonsin Conference System Functions

Electronic nameplates and sign-in system

GONSIN conference system is equipped with electronic nameplates and sign-in features, realizing intelligent management of seating arrangements and participant sign-ins, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of venue management.

Digitized management of meeting documents

By uploading meeting documents to the server, participants can easily view and annotate the documents in the system, greatly reducing the use of paper documents and improving the environmental friendliness and efficiency of meetings.

Screen sharing and interactive functionality

GONSIN conference system supports screen sharing and real-time interaction among participants, using the video tracking system to achieve visual tracking of the speaker, enhancing the interactivity and engagement of meetings.

Electronic whiteboard and real-time sharing function

Participants can make real-time annotations on the electronic whiteboard and share them, facilitating discussion and recording, thus improving the efficiency of discussions and the convenience of content preservation.

SMS messaging and call service

Participants can use the system for SMS messaging and call services, facilitating temporary notifications, reminders, and small-scale communications, thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of meeting services.

Real-time voting function

The conference system supports real-time voting, facilitating decision-making, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of meeting decisions.

Confidentiality settings and automatic deletion function

GONSIN conference system supports setting the meeting as confidential, allowing only designated personnel to view and participate in the meeting. All documents are automatically deleted after the meeting, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of meeting documents.

In summary,GONSIN conference system, with its powerful functions and intelligent management, effectively enhances the work efficiency of meetings in enterprises and institutions, providing reliable support for the smooth conduct of meetings and decision-making.

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