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Conference Discussion System: A Tool for Optimizing Meeting Communication

Conference Discussion System is a part of the conference system's functionality. It is suitable for use in meetings and discussion venues, such as government meeting rooms, hotel conference rooms, training and educational institutions, boardrooms of companies, and small parliamentary meeting rooms. Speaking devices are one of the essential pieces of equipment in the conference discussion system, equipped with all the necessary functions to control the conference discussion.

Digital Conference Discussion System

The advent of digital conference systems has truly solved the problems of interference, sound distortion, crosstalk, and limited microphone numbers in traditional meetings. It perfectly integrates computers, digital technology, and network technology. The digital conference host implements comprehensive monitoring and adjustment throughout the meeting process. During transmission, all information is digitized, significantly improving both the voice quality of the meeting and the overall system stability. This ensures that the voices of participants are transmitted flawlessly, allowing all attendees to experience genuinely high-quality, distortion-free meetings.


The Digital Conference Discussion System Also Features Multiple Modes and Functions

Override Mode

Only the number of speakers set by the host can speak. Any newly activated microphone exceeding this limit will automatically close the earliest opened unit within the limit. This ensures that only a limited number of units share the overall system gain, leading to higher sound gain.

Discussion Mode

This mode can set all microphones to have the right to speak simultaneously, enabling free conversation during the meeting.

Chairman Priority

The chairman's microphone is not limited by the above modes, meaning it can be opened or closed at any time. The chairman has the authority to interrupt other speakers.

Automatic Camera Tracking

It can be activated through the digital conference discussion system, accurately and quickly focusing on the speaker without any manual operation. The collected signals can be output to large-screen projection systems or remote video conferencing systems.


Delegates can vote from their seats, eliminating the need for queuing. The system will instantly tally and display the voting results on the conference hall's projection, saving collection and tallying time, avoiding human errors, and reducing the waiting time for the participants.

The digital conference discussion system is a versatile and economical discussion system suitable for medium and small-sized meetings and discussions. It can well adapt to the psychological needs of people, thus being more favored by users.

Conference discussion system is not only an efficient discussion tool but also an important guarantee for enhancing the quality and efficiency of meetings. By employing digital technology, it provides conference participants with a more convenient, efficient, and comfortable communication environment, making it an indispensable tool for modern meetings.

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