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Gonsin Automatic Tracking Camera Feature Review

Automatic Tracking Camera Design: Simple Craftsmanship with High-Tech Appeal

Gonsin Automatic Tracking Camera has garnered widespread attention for its simple yet exquisite design and high-tech camera construction. The square main unit and cylindrical camera on top immediately convey the advanced nature of this device.


The top-mounted telephoto 4K lens has 500 million pixels, built-in CMOS image sensor, supports 20 times high-definition zoom (12 times optical zoom, X10 digital zoom), with a horizontal ± 170 degrees and tilt-30° ~+90° rotation range, ensuring coverage of medium to large conference rooms.

Automatic Voice Tracking: Automatic Tracking Camera Enhancing Meeting Experience

With the popularity of cloud video conferences, Gonsin camera has demonstrated its powerful automatic voice tracking function in practical applications. The traditional manual control of cameras is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors, reducing the meeting experience. This camera can automatically frame portraits, track speakers, and through automatic lens covers and downward lens flipping, effectively protect corporate privacy.

In speaker tracking mode, GX-HD Automatic Tracking Camera will automatically turn the lens towards the speaker and adjust the focus appropriately, ensuring that the meeting image flexibly adjusts with the speaker's movements. With rapid response speed, it is suitable for large and medium-sized conference rooms, as well as educational settings. At the same time, the voice tracking mode also makes it more convenient for multi-person speaking scenarios, with the camera automatically aligning with the speaker to display clear images.

Real-Time Adjustment and Intelligent Recognition:Automatic Tracking Camera Adapting Flexibly to Different Scenes

Gonsin GX-HD camera provides three main modes, including speaker tracking mode, voice tracking mode, and automatic framing portrait mode. These modes can be adjusted in real-time using the camera's built-in remote control, simply press and hold the button for a few seconds to make the switch. This allows the camera to easily handle different meeting scenarios, meeting the diverse needs of users.

In automatic framing portrait mode, Automatic Tracking Camera can quickly identify newly joined participants and automatically adjust the lens angle and focus, presenting all attendees in the frame. This intelligent recognition function adds vibrancy to the meeting, allowing participants to communicate and interact better.

Overall, Gonsin Automatic Tracking Camera brings a higher level of experience to video conferences with its advanced technology and intelligent design. Its simple yet thoughtful design, rich and flexible functions, make it an indispensable part of modern meeting rooms.

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