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Located in the core functional area in the west of Shenyang, the conference center of Global Industrial Internet Conference, is composed of conference center and exhibition center. The elements used in the design include industrial gears, waves and map patterns of five continents, showing the image of Shenyang of new technology and new thinking.
The conference center is equipped with a large with 1000 seats, a medium-sized conference room with 300 seats and 8 small meeting rooms with 10-50 seats.

For the design of the IR simultaneous interpretation system for the main venue of the conference center, GONSIN design team took full consideration of the site factors and space, including the layout , height, barriers, decorations, the high frequency light source and the large screen display. Through the selection and  testing, the users finally adopted GONSIN infrared simultaneous interpretation system with 500 seats.

The infrared receiver is to receive the infrared audio signal with an ultra wide angle of 270°, ensuring the best signal reception. It is powered by a environment friendly rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack. The selected channel number, battery level, signal strength, volume can be displayed on LCD screen. The user may listen to any selected language on a personal headphone. Volume level can be adjusted through a thumbwheel switch for comfortable listening.

GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system with 12-channel is an audio conference system that provides language distribution for multilingual conferences. It is the most commonly used transmission mode in wireless language distribution systems in the market. It has strong confidentiality, eliminates external malicious interference and eavesdropping, and ensures that participants can hear the speech clearly and smoothly. The system can modulate and transmit up to 12 languages at the same time. Participants only need to be equipped with a lightweight receiver to listen to the required language by selecting the channel.

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