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How to Improve Your Meeting Experience With Paperless Conference System?

Friend is the event secretary of a large company, and she often has to organize large meetings. However, she has complaints about the tedious preparations, complex processes, and handling of meeting minutes after the meeting. She once sighed, can you imagine the experience of printing ten thousand copies of meeting materials at once? Or how stressful it is to remember everyone's remarks while everyone is talking at the meeting, without a moment to relax?

Several main reasons for these bad meeting experiences

Challenges for Meeting Organizers

Tedious preparations before the meeting

Arranging the meeting venue, location, agenda, equipment, and other preparations can be a headache, especially the printing and disposal of materials for large meetings.

Many troubles during the meeting

Controlling meeting speeches, quickly forming voting results, and maintaining a good meeting atmosphere are challenges during the meeting.

Handling meeting minutes after the meeting

Summarizing everyone's opinions, forming open and actionable items requires efficient organization and input.

Participant Dissatisfaction

Low participation

In large meetings, people sitting in the back may have difficulty seeing the content on the big screen due to glare or distance.

Many materials

Facing a large stack of meeting materials, the reading experience is very bad, especially for quick information retrieval.

Low meeting efficiency

Long meetings make people feel tired and inefficient.

How to improve these issues? Paperless Conference System provides a technological solution for you.

Paperless Conference System Improves Experience

Improving the experience of meeting organizers

Using Paperless Conference System, meeting organizers can easily edit event arrangements in the background and publish them to participants with one click. The electronic meeting material upload system eliminates the hassle of printing and disposal. During the meeting, the system's meeting speaker function allows for organized arrangements for participant speeches; the on-screen function allows participants to listen carefully to others' speeches; the electronic voting function enables quick voting and automatic tallying of votes to form conclusions. After the meeting, export meeting minutes with one click, meeting status can be suspended at any time, making the entire meeting process more worry-free.

Improving the experience of participants

In Paperless Meetings, each participant holds a tablet device, allowing them to know the content and progress of the meeting at any time, without being limited by glare or distance. The system's built-in electronic reading function, including outline view, thumbnails, smart positioning of reading progress, makes the reading experience more convenient. Participants can add annotations, bookmarks, comments, screenshots, etc., and this information is exported with the document, providing support for post-meeting organization, making the entire meeting more efficient.

In summary, Paperless Conference System, through technological means, digitizes and mobilizes the organization and participation experience of meetings, providing enterprises with a more efficient and convenient meeting solution.

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