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Paperless conference system and applications

The paperless conference system is a part of the paperless conference interaction system. It is a new generation of conference system running on PC and tablet computers. It uses modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology and software technology to realize paperless conference through electronic exchange of documents.

Ⅰ. The paperless conference system includes the following features

File transfer network, file display electronic, file editing intelligent, file input and output controllable.

The paperless conference system adopts a brand-new conference mode, which virtualizes all links in the traditional conference process, digitizes the main body information and the carrier medium, integrates a variety of information technologies into all links of the conference, runs through the entire conference process, and brings frequent meetings to IOS and Android platforms, and conference users complete more tasks in a shorter time.

Ⅱ. Applications of paperless conference system

The paperless conference system can be used in various application scenarios, including military, public security, government agencies, education, large enterprises, institutions, hotels, and other conference venues.

1. Academic discussion: For academic discussion, pictures and texts must be screened and explained;

2. Confidentiality meeting: The whole platform does not have any interface for leaking documents, and it is impossible to copy and transfer documents out;

3. Technical review: it is convenient to summarize the review opinions during the review of scheme design demonstration and feasibility research institute;

4. Administrative department: instead of distributing paper documents, each meeting member can look at the terminal equipment in front of him;

5. Collaborative demonstration: sales staff go out to preach products and conduct collaborative demonstrations to highlight the corporate image;

6. High-definition display: When the product is released and related displays, high-definition pictures will be displayed in front of everyone.

Create a multi-functional conference system that runs stably, ensures the safety of conference documents, implements a paperless office, improves conference efficiency saves conference expenses, and creates a good working environment for enterprises.

With the rapid development of computer information technology and the popularity of the concept of green and low carbon, paperless office has become a global trend. The paperless conference system is more suitable for paperless conference applications in the mobile Internet era, saving economic and time costs for enterprises.

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