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Paperless Terminal GX-PET302A

Paperless Terminal GX-PET302A
Paperless Terminal GX-PET302A

Basic Functions of Paperless Conference System Configuration Paperless Terminal GX-PET302A

  • In compliance with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology

  • Co-work with touch control LCD lifter to realize paperless terminal functions 

  • Attendance registration function: registration is initiated and ended by the paperless terminal(chairman), the results can be displayed on the LCD screen

  • Voting function: started and ended by the paperless terminal(chairman), the results can be displayed on the LCD screen

  • Customized voting function: The paperless terminal(chairman) can initiate and end the customized voting, voting results can be displayed on the paperless terminal. The voting content is defined by GONSIN Intelligent Conference management software

  • Call service: participants place a call via a paperless terminal. The service staff will provide the service according to the request displayed on the paperless call service terminal. Basic functions: paper, pen, tea, towel and etc, the functions can be customized

  • Conference digital file management function, include browsing conference files and sharing screen 

  • Browsing conference files: before the conference, the digital files could be preset on the paperless terminal, the user could open and browse the files; it supports DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, JPG, PNG, BMP, MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, and other format files. Files can be displayed in screen sharing status

  • Sharing screen: when the user is browsing the files via a paperless terminal, it can share the screen and other terminals could display the same content, including page scroll, paging, notes, and others operation

  • Files note function: users can make notes on files, notes can be saved on the server

  • Screen sharing and synchronizing screen function: user can initiate screen sharing, all terminals will be displayed the same content; After exit from the sharing screen, the user can synchronize the screen to the sharing one manually. The sharing content can be displayed on other display devices simultaneously

  • Support internal messages function, user can communicate via sending internal messages

  • Support digital whiteboard function, user can create whiteboard quickly, the content will be saved locally

  • Support surfing the internet via the browser

  • Support reading files from USB flash disk

  • Support connection to exterior video by code

  • System capacity: unlimited(wired connection)

  • Randomly set anyone terminal as Chairman Terminal

More functions of The Paperless Chairman Terminal are as below. 

  • Support sending mass system messages to all paperless delegate terminals

  • Support managing the conference topic, allow users to initiate the registration and voting

  • Allow user to initiate quick voting 

  • Support mandatory sharing screen 

  • Check conference information, such as registration and leave, voting process and result, call service information, screen sharing information, Mic on/off situation and etc.

Technical Parameters of Paperless Conference System Configuration Paperless Terminal GX-PET302A

InstallationHidden Installation
Connection MethodCable
Operation SystemAndroid
Dominant Frequency1.8G
Memory4G, DDR3
Internal Storage Capacity16GB
Power SupplyAdapter
Max Power Consumption20W
Dimension (L×W×H)173mm×95mm×30mm
Operating Temperature0~45°C
Storage Temperature-20~50°C

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