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Two Types of Conference Microphone System: Wired and Wireless

Leader in modern digital conference equipment - Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., Ltd., Gonsin provides you with a complete global conference system solution. Among them, Conference Microphone System, as a key component, plays an irreplaceable role in meetings with its two main types - wired and wireless.


Wired Conference Microphone System

The wired Conference Microphone System is a traditional and stable choice, with relatively intuitive and simple setup, operation, and maintenance. Key features of the system include:

Encourages participation by giving all participants the right and ability to speak and be heard.

Wired digital system is ideal for environments where equipment is installed once and not frequently moved, such as hotel conference rooms, political meetings or board meetings, gyms, libraries, etc.

Built-in audio recording function for future playback or publication - simply insert an external USB flash drive and select the desired format.

Each delegate unit has its own one-touch call button, allowing participants to be heard by pressing the button. There is also a voice activation mode, allowing participants to amplify without pressing a button.

The system is designed to resist interference caused by mobile phones (i.e., annoying buzzing).

Delegate and chairman units are connected to the CCU via digital Cat6 cable.

Digital technology produces the clearest audio quality. Digital processing reduces feedback and devices have no fans, eliminating background noise.

Wired systems typically require wiring to connect microphone units to the central control unit (CCU). This wired connection ensures stable signal transmission and lower risk of interference.

When using wired microphones, participants need to pass the microphone to the next speaker through a wired connection. While operation is relatively traditional, wired systems are still a strong choice for scenarios that prioritize signal stability and controllability.


Maintenance of wired system is relatively simple as it does not involve frequent wireless signal management. Regularly check the status of wiring and microphone unit connections to ensure equipment is in good working order.

Wireless Conference Microphone System

Compared to wired systems, wireless Conference Microphone System is more flexible and suitable for various complex scenarios. The key features of this system include:

Wireless system eliminates the constraints of wired connections, with microphone units communicating with the central control unit via wireless signals. This setup is more flexible and suitable for different layouts and venues.

Wireless conference system is ideal for environments where compactness, portability, and ease of setup are primary considerations.

Perfect for multipurpose rooms that require equipment to be disassembled regularly for storage.

Participants using wireless microphones are not restricted by wires and can move freely. This makes meetings more dynamic and interactive, aiding in increased participant engagement.

Used with conference suite software to create and display meeting agendas, manage speaker processes, control voting procedures, and record.

Chairman unit controls system volume, next speaker, and priority microphone control.


Wireless Conference Microphone System does not require complex mixers, sound systems, and cables. Just make sure the delegate and chairman devices are charged and the CCU is powered on to start operation. The devices feature feedback reduction technology that simplifies on-site operations.

In conclusion, wired and wireless Conference Microphone Systems each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wired system is suitable for scenarios that rely more on signal stability and traditional operation, while wireless system provides an ideal choice for meetings requiring greater flexibility and interactivity. Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., Ltd. and Gonsin will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your specific needs, helping your meetings achieve greater success.

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