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TL 5600 Digital Conference System Introduction(Spanish Version)

GONSIN TL-5600 digital conference system is designed to provide a versatile flush mounting solution including five function modules such as basic discussion module, simultaneous translation device, voting module, extended handheld voting keypad module, loudspeaker module. All these modules are self-contained

and can be flexibly configured, enabling conference terminals to offer more or less functions. Discussion unit allows the delegate to talk and request to talk, with automatic video tracking and a RJ-45 expansion port for additional plug-and-play handheld voting keypad. Channel selection unit offers 6 channels for participants to

hear the selected channel through a personal headphone and adjust the volume level for comfortable listening. Voting unit is used for attendance registration, voting,election and evaluation. Loudspeaker can be added to the discussion unit depending on the venue needs.

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