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What Are the Functions of the Digital Conference System?

The modern digital conference system has simplified conference procedures and diversified functions and can control and manage the conference, including stable and pure sound transmission, and clear and orderly discussion so that the whole conference form is efficient.

A relatively complete digital conference system includes several main aspects: speech, voting, sign-in, camera tracking, simultaneous interpretation system, conference process control, and so on; It also provides standardized interfaces for other functions expansion and upgrading, so that the whole interface has advanced and good compatibility.

1. Independent innovative design of conference system

China pioneered two installation methods: desktop installation and cabinet installation; Patented anti-pulling and fixing technology of network cable ensures a smooth network and more stable operation of the system.

2. Digital management of the conference system

Standard TCP / IP communication protocol and RJ45 interface, perfect combination of computer and host management; With line detection function, it can detect the connection state of conference unit; Audio fidelity technology makes the sound effect clearer and more real.

3. Full digital transmission of the conference system

The conference host and the conference unit are connected through a network cable and switch, and the control signal and audio signal are digitally transmitted through 100M / 1000m to ensure the confidentiality of high-fidelity audio signal and conference information.

4. There are various discussion modes in the conference system

Voice control mode, restricted speech mode, first in first out mode, application waiting mode, press speech mode, approve speech mode, etc.

5. Intelligent sign-in mode of conference system

Read and write the IC card through the IC card reader to manage the list of participants and seats; Unique check-in system, including sign-in with card and sign-in without card.

6. Multiple voting methods in the conference system

You can edit and customize various voting schemes with the conference voting system, including approval, objection, waiver, and other modes; and Query the voting results in real-time.

7. The conference system has strong scalability

The discussion microphone of the conference system adopts a network connection and can be directly connected to the switch. The failure of any microphone unit will not affect the work of the overall system.

8. The conference system has strong confidentiality

The system adopts information isolation and information encryption technology. Except for the system administrator and participants, the content of the meeting cannot be obtained to ensure the confidentiality of the meeting.

9. Camera linkage function of the conference system

With a built-in automatic camera tracking system, the speech unit can be photographed and tracked after preset.

10. Simultaneous interpretation function of the conference system

It can be connected with an infrared simultaneous interpretation system for synchronous translation, digital audio transmission technology, and voice separation technology.

11. SMS function of the conference system

The system host PC software has the function of short message notification, which can send short messages to the microphone.

12. Voice control function of the conference system

The host of the conference system has a voice control function and intelligently turns on the microphone.

13. Fire alarm of conference system

Fire alarm short-circuit input interface. When there is a fire short-circuit signal input, the microphone and host will display a fire warning to remind participants to evacuate.

14. Central control of the conference system

With the central control system, automatic conference control can be realized, and more complex conference management can also be realized through computer control.

15. Conference system operating software

The powerful operating system can display the relevant information in the conference process in real-time according to the needs, such as establishing the conference process, managing the participants, conference theme, voting, etc. The multimedia display device can more intuitively provide various digital, text, and image materials to the participants.

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