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Why is Paperless Conference System So Popular?

With the diversified development of conference modes, more and more government and enterprise units favor paperless conference systems. A paperless meeting system not only realizes the paperless meeting, but also meets the functions of various signal interactions and interconnection in the traditional conference room, and easily gets to a convenient, simple and efficient conference mode.

Why is a paperless conference system so popular?

A paperless office system is an intelligent conference interactive system based on LAN, private network, or Internet. The paperless meeting system uses communication technology, software, and audio to realize a paperless conference through the electronic exchange of documents. There is no need to print paper materials or distribute them on-site before the meeting; File sharing and on-site annotation can be realized during the meeting; There is no need to send and receive materials after the meeting, and it is easy to realize a convenient, simple and efficient meeting mode. This is probably why the paperless conference system is so popular.

Paperless meeting system application scheme

1. The touch-control elevator conference system terminal is equipped with a smart conference management application, which can support common conference functions and fully meet the needs of participants;

2. All operations are completed through a terminal, which simplifies the use of paper documents;

3. The overall plan realizes a paperless meeting interactive system, modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology, and software technology. The paperless meeting is realized through the electronic exchange of files, meeting the requirements of meeting sign-in, file distribution, file upload, file synchronization presentation, voting, and other functions.

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